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    Will someone explain how High-Level Languages work?

    @Strange Thanks! That makes perfect sense.
  2. Jonas Knochelmann

    Will someone explain how High-Level Languages work?

    @dimreepr I understand the relationship between Low and High-Level Languages. I just don't understand the relationship between High-Level languages and languages built upon them. @StringJunky That might be true. But basic was made way before Python and JavaScript and even before Pascal and C. Also, Google says that Python and BASIC are both High-Level Languages. If what you said is true though, it certainly would explain things.
  3. I get that the Machine Language talks directly to the electronics and the Assembly Language just makes is easier to talk to the machine language, but I get confused at the level of High-Level Language. BASIC is a High-Level Language, and languages like C and Pascal are written directly on top of High-Level Languages, and yet you can apparently write BASIC in C? Even more confusing, Python is a High-Level Language, and you can write BASIC in Python? Also JavaScript, another High-Level Language so far as I can tell isn't written in anything and just works? I clearly don't know much about non-visual programming languages, and I find this all very confusing. I was hoping someone smarter than me could explain how this all works. Thanks. Also, full disclaimer, my information could be just completely wrong, which might be what's causing the confusion. I just want someone to explain.