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  1. WHy is this in homework help? I don’t have any homework
  2. What are the products of mgcl2 when put in water and then electrolysis
  3. Hi,I have some mgso4, is there a way I could make mgcl2 from it? Here are my theories by using double displacement, if I add mgso4(aq) and nacl(aq) will this make sodium sulphate and mgcl2 and if it does which(if any) are solid? Also could I make it from magnesium hydroxide? Im sorry but I’m also wondering if I could make sulphuric acid from sodium or magnesium sulphate
  4. Centrifuges cost too much, i dont use a magnet becase the sand sticks too the iron which is annoying to remove
  5. I was following this NaCl+CH3COOH = Hcl+CH3COONA. But this is wrong, it still dissolved eggshells, but do you know how to make hcl without sulphuric acid?
  6. I have a microscope that doesent work it was fine when I got it but something happened and it lookes like there’s dust or water or bacteria or something inside the lens what do I do?
  7. If I get aluminum scraps and dissolve it in hcl how do I turn it back into metal and what reactions are happening there? Also is there a chemical that I can rinse through sand to dissolve iron because I found this sand that has tons of iron(I checked with a magnet)
  8. I have made hcl by mixing acetic acid and sodium chloride, but there is a byproduct of sodium acetate, how can I remove this sodium acetate? Btw, I’ve been trying to make a system that turns good waste into electricity ive done it already on a small scale I’ll explain how. Say I have eggshells banana peels and potato chips.I ferment the banana peels to get acetic acid, soak and strain potato chips for salt then make hcl from acetic acid and salt, then I dissolve the eggshells in hcl and add salt, I make calcium chloride, which when dissolves creates heat, when it creates heat I put in a shallow tray with a lid, when the water condenses it drips down over a water mill slowly creating electricity, it already worked but the sodium acetate is messing with the. Calcium chloride, not sure how, but if you could tell me a fix to this thank you. P.S I know this is very inefficient but it is just a little project, oh and I powered a radio I made and listened to some music powered by food
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