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  1. Charge conservation (split from Magnetic Vector Potential)

    Studiot Your answer about my question is somewhat in right sense. But IT ISN’T fully satisfactory in my opinion: You bring as an answer the lack of evidence of charges in atom, via “Conservation law”, when we are sure for existence of them. It is interesting using some “rubber stamps”, instead of clarifying openly the essence. So the question: “conservation law” ----- what this mean? In this case needed clarity: exists electric charges in product of annihilations or not. I mean in Photons? This was my question. If “conservation law of charges” applied even in this case, I say yes -- they exist. We know that in atoms they exist, but shadow each other. Their existence is in a certain “specific volume of space”, moving in spherical trajectories so they create spherical bodies that we call atoms. They are anchored in spherical bodies by ”Mass charge” with which they “coexist” in sub particles of matter. In the case of photons we have electric charges positive, shadowed by the same number of electric charge negative, (via Conservation law of charge--- right or no?). I say – yes. But in photons we have not an evidence for some mass charge. If in photons were not something that balance the attraction of “+e” with “-e” the multitude of frequencies would be impossible. And here became imperative existence of “ Conservation of Mass charges” even though in photons. Absence of any mass in photon must be explained in the same phenomena of shadowing of the contrary charges as in electron charges. That is in existence of anti Mass charge.
  2. Charge conservation (split from Magnetic Vector Potential)

    Studiot. I am curious to know your answer: where are gone two electric charge of "electron" and "positron" when they are annihilated. Are they really annihilated? And by the way ---- even their mass.
  3. Hi! I think you are in right track. The independent coincidences of meditations (without of high math skills as reported by moderators) is interesting.


  4. I am interested about so called Darkmosphere around the cosmos mass objects, and i think that maybe really must be something in the space around cosmic bodies, with variable density from the surface of them and beyond . But this something is not only DM (aka Planck charge of anti - mass, I suppose, but even electric charge +). This may explain why the density is more near the surface caused by electric attraction of DM with negative shell of surface, but not interacting with mass of surface of bodies via anti - mass repulsion. The space around the bodies is physics, with some anti-gravity property, i speculate, which may be the cause of some kind of levitation of gas - molecules, and the evasion of most of them in bodies with lighter mass gravity. I know that this post by me, will called hijack, but seeing that all opponents are only opposing the idea of O.P. without giving any help about his idea, on the other hand having nothing to say about the mysterious theme, show only that the moderators are predisposed against whatever new idea, that somewhat go against main - stream.
  5. Exist borders between Physic’s and Metaphysic’s issues?

    In Newton law, as in Coulomb law, the “mass gravity energy” and “ electrostatic energy are in Planck hypothetic charges: “e” (for electric phenomena), and “M” (for mass gravity) static phenomena (Relative for cyclic movements of two bodies).: For static cyclic movement (where don’t change the radius), formulas of energy ( in Planck hypothetic two sub-particles are: Ee = e * e / (4 * pi * ε * (Rx -> R) ) = e * U * (Rx -> R) = EM = G * M^2 / ( Rx -> R ) It’s simple “logarithmic laws”. I prefer logarithm with base 2. But those formulas are for relative static status, in mean time we are sure that every thing is moving and “generally normal” in cyclic movements, that is in frequency laws. On the other hand, static logarithmic laws are for an immense broad span of energies from zero till Planck energy (if we at least put a border: Planck, other ways from zero to infinite). This means that I would have (With my crap (coined by you) hypothesis) an infinite different “me” and different “mp”. This post is in support of a new hypothesis that state: Parallel with electric frequency we may have a mass gravity frequency, and a new energy for this kind of frequency. I found and explained, above, that this frequency depends by inverse of Rx^2 and it became “1” for energy hm = 3.32762149 * 10 ^-13 j / Hm. Around this point in span of mass gravity frequency are cornered “me” and “mp”. like possible stable particles. At least so I suppose and hope. If you see, the sub – particle’s charges ‘e” and “M” alike Siamese brothers, the brother “e” is leading in the trip. Hence frequency of “M” will have alpha. ------- About “hyperphysics” that corrected Bohr, can I know when is ‘invented” ? And in the span from Bohr till this invention, atoms have been “flat” and nobody was concerned? About: protons are not elementary particles. I don’t say are “elementary particles”. I say electron and proton are elementary COMMON particles, and with this I intend to hypotheses that both, even “me”, are composed by more simple sub particles. In femto-cosmos I am trying to implement some thing from Planck and Einstein works, which both were not too happy with quanta- mechanics extremism. I admit that is a shame that I have misused and deformed some of their ideas, transforming them to conform my hypothesis. It was like a dwarf that dare to correct the works of titans. About: Show me the math, or this thread is finished. The only math I have is based in hypothesis : Physics dependence of static energy of electric field in what-ever point of space around is inverse by segment “Rx” between sub particle and point. The same for field of Mass gravity and its static energy. The dependence of electric frequency is inverse with radius Rx. The dependence of mass gravity frequency is inverse with radius Rx^2 This all I have to say.
  6. Exist borders between Physic’s and Metaphysic’s issues?

    In my first post in this forum, I introduced idea of spherical movements of the “hypothetic sub-particles of mater” that posses in itself both electric charge “e” and mass charge “M” = MPl.* α. Those charges display self, alike, but some kind different properties, which became evident in the same moment when one sub-particle interact with another sub particle. In this interaction both subs “want” to move via planetary mode, forced by field of Mass gravity charges. In the same time electric charges want to move in planetary mode but in different plane. The result is a spherical linear movement, in which are involved two or three subs. Obtuse. May be. Until (for an analogy) you show me how hydrogen atom of Bohr is generated in a spherical atom. Don’t forget that Bohr used only Newton law. Yes “me” is for elementary common particle of mater, and “mp” for proton, both the main basic common particles that together of an immense number of photon particles and neutrinos create everything in nature.
  7. Exist borders between Physic’s and Metaphysic’s issues?

    It is not about interpretations, of theories. I think that some theories have in their base, presumed aims that conduct in those interpretations. And for justify trespass on pickets of classic physics, which are barrier toward unleashed fly of math fantasy, they call those pickets outdated. About three first paragraphs of your answer: Frequency, I think, is interpreted as numbers of cycles of a body in the unity of time. This depends by radius of cycle and velocity, for movements of only mass - gravity bodies. And is f = V / ( 2*pi * R ) (m/sec) /m (Hz.) For bodies that are under the rule not only mass-gravity charge but even of electric potential (of electric charge), this movement (2 * pi * α^-1 ) go in spherical cycles and create a number plane cycles, (Which I think is about 137) in mean time that the planes create a full 360 grade cycle. This is one Hz. The frequency in this case is the number of combined movements in 1 sec. For this in elementary particles ( me and mp ) frequency will be : fx = fex = ( c / (2 * pi * α^-1 ) ) / e ^ ln (x ) For “me” Rx = Re = 2.8179401*19^-15 m --------------------- (digression post: Frequency on points that are Rx away the center of mass body . Ex. Vx=V(earth) (On position of earth): = ( ( G * Msun ) / (149.6 ^ 10 ^9 )) ^ 0.5 = 29 756 m/sec The frequency will be: Fr. = Vx / (2*pi* 149. 6 * 10^9) = 3.16563934 * 10 ^-8 Hz (1 / sec) For a full cycle is 31589196 sec. = 8775 = 365 * 24 ---------------- As you see this is not create by your very civilian expression: Otherwise, it looks like the answer is "I pulled it out of my a$$" fx = c / ((2 * pi * α^-1 ) / Rx = fx = fex = ( c / (2 * pi * α^-1 ) ) * e ^ - ln (x ) = fx = fex = ( c / (2 * pi * α^-1 ) ) / e ^ ln (x ) For “me” Rx = Re = 2.8179401*19^-15 m The last paragraphs truly appalled me: The elementary particles “me”. and “mp”. are in the lowest post of a hill , in the bottom of possible generation energy. !? What about : E”me” = me * c^2 after my hypothesis = (G * M ^2) / (Rme) = M * c * ĉe = = M * c ^2 * R / Rme and in full equilibrium with E(me) = e^2 / ( 4*pi * ε * Re ) ( why not with Forces) As for absence of decay and disintegration and “annihilation” they are other issues.
  8. Exist borders between Physic’s and Metaphysic’s issues?

    Alison. For this I am asking physicists of the forum, “ exists any border in Physic’s issues that they “ jump over “ in their calculations, and with this Physic’s sciences became philosophic issue, and every body may interpret by he/her wish. In fact I am interested about particles with live-time stabile, what make them so different, and about their hypothetic structure, which I think speak something about some hypothetic borders.
  9. Exist borders between Physic’s and Metaphysic’s issues?

    Answer for Swanson: Electric frequency fex = ( c / (2 * pi * α^-1 ) ) * e ^ - ln (x ) Gravity frequency fMx = ( c * R / (2 * pi * α^-1 ) ) * e^ - ln (x^2) For Strange : 1=--- I don’t remember your answer. So please tell me why “me” and “mp” are so long-live particles. And please without dodge answers. 2 --- I have seen a statue of Einstein in lying position in pensive mood and and very sad for not achieving another of his big aim. I have seen a picture of Richard Feynman in lying position too very relaxed, pleased and smiling---sure after hard mind working achieving something. I don’t know what kind of sensations you have after mind working. 3 --- Sure you know very well what divide physics from meta physics, and how it has to do with “me” and “mp” .
  10. Exist borders between Physic’s and Metaphysic’s issues?

    Thanks for encouragement. I will answer later.
  11. Exist borders between Physic’s and Metaphysic’s issues?

    I think that you don’t approve known formulas only because they do not contain factor time, result of which is T = period of time (“segment” of time ?). The given formula use space instead. The result of it, is direct “inverse synonym” --- “frequency”. To easy calculations, the lay man use logarithmic conversion of formulas: Using Ln2 = Ln X / Ln2 then : Ln2 (fx ) = ln 2 (C / (2*pi* α^-1) – Ln2 X here (Rx = 2^X) as a variable. This method squishes span of frequencies in a linear logarithmic numerical row from 0 --- for fe1 = 1Hz till---- 137.5336563 for fPl. = 2.522063132 * 10^41 Hz. ( I am a little sad that it is not 137. 036.) This method I use for all kind of formulas, and with it I ease calculations, transforming those in simple arithmetic. For example: In ixis and ypsilon logarithmic coordinates I find: 137.5336563 / 2 = 68.76682814 equal ln2 of fe = 5.0220124668^10^20 Hz. that is the electric frequency where gravity - mass frequency is fM = 1 and Ln2 (fM) = 0. Now about derivation from where formula for electric frequency come: fex = (c / (2*pi* α^-1)) / Rx In this formula you contests ( I suppose) part (2*pi* α^-1). Or c / Rx, which you think is wrong? The main stream insists fx = 1 / dt but dt = d(Rx) / c, hence: fx = c / d(Rx) . Truly I am disappointed why you contests, my formula of frequency (which is precise with Compton wave length) for simple elementary particles. So let move on for mass – gravity frequency fM, where I think and suppose, must be contested.
  12. Exist borders between Physic’s and Metaphysic’s issues?

    I see my lapse in typing. The formula is about “electric frequency”, of two sub - particles, that are moving in spherical movement toward each other, in “X” segment of space “Rx” between them. It depends from this “main” factor (segment of space) in inverse manner. Example: fx = [C/ (2*pi* α^-1)] / Rx is: 1) For radius = wave length 3.481818762 *10^5m = f1 = 1 Hz. 2) for radius =1m, frequency is 3.481818762 *10^5 Hz. 3) for electron radius Re, fe = 1.23559006*10^21Hz. 4) For [Planck Radius * α^-0.5], fpl. = 2.522063132*10^41 Hz. It seems to me, that this dependence is going in logarithmic manner. The sub-particle, i make hypothesis, is without inertia when it is alone, there are a par (two) charges “e” and “M” (in one “mater sub- particle”) that has dimension = Rplanck. The electrostatic and centripetal interactions, between two sub-particles, are in equilibrium when the signs of charges “e” and ”M” began to act and movement is taking form in curved – line. This is explained by: F = (e*e / 4*pi*ε) / Rx^2 = (G * M^2) / Rx^2 The question is why, for only electron and proton particles, this equilibrium is “firm” for- ever? This post is a tentative approach, introducing three ideas about mass of common particles “me” and “mp”. 1) Speculation that “M” = Mpl. * α^-0.5 is considered a charge of mass creation. 2) Speculation that in a common stabile particle exist a kind of velocity that depends by radius via: ĉ = ( G * M ) / Rx = ( c * R / Rx) m/sec which is variable in a big span, from ĉ = 1.2*10^-31 m/sec till 299792458 m/sec. 3) Speculation, if admit this kind of velocity we can have a kind of mass frequency analogue with electron charge frequency: fM = [ĉ / (2*pi* α^-1)] / Rx. = [( c * R / Rx) / (2*pi* α^-1)] / Rx. Which as we see is inverse proportional with Rx ^ 2 instead of electric frequency which depends only by Rx. I find that the "mass frequency" became equal 1 unity, for radius equal Rc = 3.933*10^-16 m which is near frequencies of stable particles “me”, “mp”. and i think narrow the area of search. .
  13. Exist borders between Physic’s and Metaphysic’s issues? I suppose that this is a broader list of issues, as the studies of nature are in so many fields. I am interested only in the issue of “particularity” of matter, and indeed in my last post question of why “electron and proton particles” are what they are, so stabile, and so different. As I remember I had “not any answer” on my post about this conundrum. And always, when I have not any satisfactory answer, I scratch my pot of speculation, for finding “whatever kind of a speculative answer” to satisfy myself. Here are my speculations: In Nature must be two kinds of frequencies: 1----“ Electric frequency ” created by movement of two electric charges. I base it in the case of common mass particles (me, mp) because they have Compton wave -length, and indeed with this “Compton frequency”. In mass particles, electric charge, I suppose move toward each other in spherical trajectories, and in a exact radius. I know that all this is out of main - stream in physics, but I beg some patience, until I display my hypothesis in classical manner. The Compton frequency in general is: I-- Fxe. = c / ( 2 * pi * α^-1 * Rx ) = 3.436417376 * 10^5 * Rx Hz. Here ‘x’ for whatever radius, and ‘e’ for frequency created by electric charge. I say this because I suppose that exist another kind of frequency that “depends” by mass of this particle, or by me, that “determines” that mass. Now it is hard to swallow my hypothesis for a ‘sub particles” that posses “electric charge” ( don’t confound with electron particle “me”), and a “mass charge” M = MPl * α^0.5. = 1.859389978 * 10^ - kg.m./m. and a radius R = LPl * α^0.5 = 1.380543856 * 10 ^-36 m. Electric charges, interacting with each other, create potential electric energy in relative static status toward each other, via: E = e^2 / (4*pi*ε* Rc) (coulomb) Gravity charges, too, interacting with each other, create potential mass energy in relative static status toward each other, via: E = G * M^2 / Rc (Newton) = (R * c^2 / M) * M^2 / Rc = (M * R / Rc) * c^2 = = mc. * c^2 (Einstein ) (If you want “mass”, you must devised each kind of energy with c^2. You will have the same quantity mass. for the same Compton radius) Now let see the other kind of velocity: mass gravity velocity: ĉ ĉ = ( G * mx / Rx ) ^ 0.5 m/sec = (G * M ) / ( c * Rx ) m./sec. example: ĉ = ( G * me / Rec.) ^0.5 = 1.468720438 * 10^ -13 m /sec ĉ = ( G * M ) / ( c * Rec. ) =1.468720486*10^-13 m/sec ĉ = ( R * C^2 / M ) * M / (c * Rec. ) = c * ( R / Rec) =1.468720488*10^-13 Velocity “ ĉ “ is not a constant, like velocity “c”, it depends by report (R / Rx) and change in a big diapason, from 1.188679435 8 * 10^-33 m/sec and ending in “ c “ velocity in Planck area. If we admits that exist this kind of velocity, then must exist too a frequency the same way as electric frequency: II – fxM. = ĉ / (2 * pi * α^-1 * Rx) = c * ( R / Rx) / (2 * pi * α^-1 * Rx) = =(c * R / ( 2 * pi * α^-1 ) / Rx^2 = 4.8068035 * 10^-31 / Rx^2 As is evident from above formula, fxM. is proportional with Rx^2. different from electric fxc, which is proportional only with Rx fxM. = 1 for Rx = 6.933111495* 10 ^ -16 m. This conclusion is very important, to see that above radius is between the radius of electron (2.8179401*10*-15m and radius of proton ( 1.534698256*10^ -18 m.) . This means that mass gravity frequency determine area of “me” and “mp” in broader span of possible radiuses from 385 km. to 1.36*10^-36 m. Now about my post : Exist any limit between Physic’s and metaphysic’s phenomena. I think that physic’s phenomena in the structure of basic elementary particles, are bordered between: a) frequency “1” Hz. because radius of a hypothetic particle can’t be more than 349 km that is les 1 Hz. and wave length more than 299792458 m. b) more than frequency 2.522063132*10^41 Hz which is the same for electric velocity “c” and mass gravity “ĉ” . This happen only for Rc = R when “ĉ” became equal “c”.
  14. Why mass of electron and proton particles are what

    Thanks for fair answer. I don’t want to make you guilty toward rules, and to gain some red quotes. And appreciate your opposite rebut, but I have the right do not accept any stereotype statement, which is considered true only because its author is whatever it may be. And , I think so, because as a common person I am free to have my ideas and express them freely when I am not fully convinced about others. Have my ideas any importance? I don’t care, I am glad only that I have not hold them inside torture me, and maybe - maybe somebody some when find in them something crude valuable. About your questions: 1- “Sub particle” is supposed to be a thing, that exists out of our conscience, a Plank space dimensional, a tiny speck of matter, out of common concept of matter as something inertial, with property of auto moving with “c” velocity, and with two kind of charges: electric charge “e”, and gravity charge “M” (which is a concept that nobody approve). Those different properties are inseparable, and exist in the same sub-particle. The charges have four combinations that is are four different charged sub-particles: Mass sub-particles: (-e & -M) and (+e & -M) Anti mass sub particles: (+e & +M) and (-e & +M ) Via their different electric and gravity charges, sub particle interact for building two stabile, eterne life- length mass common particles “electron-particle” and “proton particle”. They are well known. For some doubt-full cause, the anti-mass common particles -- they are not so common. But in some physics phenomena they are created, but with a short life because with mass sub particles they “annihilate” each other. I think “ Annihilate” is a term that is not appropriate to the fact that sub - particles are those that auto change one kind of structure and create new kind of structure: photons. And this happen not by opposite electric charges but because the rest mass of structure is so small. 2 – Sub particles have not rest - mass, they create rest - mass common particles when moving in spherical trajectories in circles with a Compton radius, are in relative stand. 3 – Quantum number? A concept I don’t know in Classic physics, for subs. Any direction about recommended book? I ask in Internet and didn’t find . Now I have more interest to know where I am wrong. So please: Any mistake in: https://www.scienceforums.net/topic/115096-non-mathematical-reasoning-and-physics/?tab=comments#comment-1057686 ? Zero or one? (-M) +(+M) or (–M) / (+M) This depends by the way-point of interpretations of “constants of space as Physics
  15. Why mass of electron and proton particles are what

    I was interested to read what you recommended. Maybe something not exact, Didn’t open it. But I sniff there was something about dreamers ( aka lunatics that build sky scrapers by thin air) and geniuses savants that calculate the number of particles, that are excitation from thin air in all universe or universes. A yes or no is enough for me. This give a blow about my hypothetic proton structured by only three sub-particles : 2*(+e & -M) + ( -e & +M ) with Compton radius R = 1.534698256 * 10^-18 m. But … may be you are speaking about collided protons anti protons, after they are accelerated in high velocities. In this case they are not more stand particles (or with low velocity). I am sure that particles accelerated in high velocity, are endowed by acceleration with so many photons of energy (by my hypothesis with enough sub-particles) enough for other structures of mater that post collide and post-disintegration my give. Well, I see that you don’t want to debate about my ideas: mater’s sub-particles - double charged with “e” and “M” as bricks of everything.