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  1. Banzai

    Weird cave

    Yes that is correct. The commentator is speaking in Hmong, and I believe the people in the video are Hmong also.
  2. Banzai

    Weird cave

    Well guys thanks for your replies. Here is the 'said' video on YouTube, mind you the people are speaking in a language other than English... but the actions should speak for themselves. Let me know what you guys think after watching it in its entirety... it also has been reported that people have not been able to enter the cave, even with assisted equipment... as to the where abouts of the cave, I believe according to the language spoken, it may be in southeast Asia somewhere. I wanted to forward the video to an expert scientist but don't know where or whom to send such inquiries. Also let me know if any of you could get an expert scientist to chime in. Thanks again! Here is the link to the video: Https://youtu.be/4jBZg3-1QBs According to the person speaking, he says that locals also reported that if one were to enter this cave, one would start to bleed from the nose and ears... and could lose conciousness..
  3. Banzai

    Weird cave

    It didn't look like a spoof.... it was a real torch with open flame. Upon further study, it seems the cave probably has a high percentage-conxentration of co2.... reason for the weird phenomena....people have also reported not being able to breathe if one were to enter the cave..... just never seen a cave lik e one before...
  4. Banzai

    Weird cave

    Hello everyone, new to the forum here.. I recently came across a video on YouTube that has got me stumped. It showed an individual at the entrance of some cave where they had a lit torch.. the individual points the torch towards the entrance of the cave and it would die out and have to be re-lit. He did this a few times, and every time, the torch would die out.....Another weird example from the same video was that he then held a handgun that looked like a revolver, pulled the trigger and he could not get the gun to fire a shot even though the trigger was pulled and the gun clicked... then he backs up, turns facing in a direction away from the cave, pulls the trigger and the gun fires off.... it has got me stumped..i could not find an answer to what is causing such things..... is there some type of chemical or gas coming from the cave that is causing such things or is it just a spoof video? Thanks for reading, and your time.
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