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  1. I don't know how it sounds, what is the direction of time? Is it towards the center of the universe, the big bang or opposite? Thanks.
  2. I mean if it were possible to achieve light speed traveling, though is it possible to find the earth at a different location in space with a different time line (the way we normally think time travel in literature)???
  3. Is there any relationship between time travel and parallel universe according to current understandings or theories? Thanks.
  4. As its not only time, its always spacetime according to Einstein. So, if we want to travel time, we always have to travel actually space time, which means only staying on earth we can not travel time (not regular time, past or distant future in short time). We literally have to move to different location in space (with light speed), Then how its possible with light speed going to a different location in space we will find another earth (whatever the time is)?? Or is it possible to travel time/spacetime only in distant or different location in space??? Thanks in advance.
  5. I wish I could ask these questions to Dr. Michio Kaku. But may be any body can answer. A dot is from zero dimension And the only that zero dimension contains. All possible projections of a dot at the same time on the next higher dimension create a line (1d). Same way all possible projections of a line at the same time on the next higher dimension create a circle (2d). And so on all possible projections of a circle at the same time on the next higher dimension create a sphere (3d). So do all possible projections of a sphere at the same time on the next higher dimension create another 4d object? And if so, is our universe is just one of the possible projections of the universe? And as our universe is three dimensional, at the same time do all possible projections of the universe make one 4d universe? What is the unit of our universe? Is it zero dimensional? Do we have any reason to measure zero dimensional object as we measure 1d/2d/3d system? As we feel we live in a 3d Universe, We can Understand and feel all the three dimensions. Then why we don't have any real example of any 1d or 2d universe? Because as we know an Atom or even an electron cloud is a 3d system. Is there any possibility that our senses are a compilation of all single and two dimensional systems, and thus we can sense only 3d universe but any 2d universe? If so, vice versa is it possible that creatures of a 4d universe also can not sense the existence of our 3d world and they only know theoretically our 3d Universe should exist?
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