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  1. How to analysis Arsenic in Soil

    It seems theres a standard way of sample preparation that I found in the Thermo-Fisher site: https://www.thermofisher.com/uk/en/home/industrial/spectroscopy-elemental-isotope-analysis/spectroscopy-elemental-isotope-analysis-learning-center/trace-elemental-analysis-tea-information/inductively-coupled-plasma-mass-spectrometry-icp-ms-information/icp-ms-sample-preparation.html
  2. Science Investigatory Project(proposal)

    It's theoretically possible, but probably not very useful at all. Firstly you need a solvent to extract the ink. A solvent that doesn't damage the paper (cellulose). Maybe you could use acetone, toluene or DCM? Then you'd need to get rid of the solvent and concentrate it without the ink breaking down. So a vacuum extraction possibly. In the end, it will be very little ink, it wouldnt do much for you.