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  1. Yeah he's already demotivating in class a bit because it's not up to his mental level plus like I said he was in some not so great schools that literally tried to push him under the rug and my son doesn't realize how lucky he is that the other schools didn't "dumb him down" because they said the two most detrimental phrases a person can say to a kid of "you can't" and "your too young" he ignored them and continued the pursuit on his own so he fell into the belief that all teachers fail him which the previous ones did, this new school is a god send filled with teachers and staff that understand my son's peculiarities, it's just I've run out of resources myself for him lol had to edit this because for some reason it stopped me from commenting on my own post But five that is an assumption and a very poor one. 1. sports are not an absolute necessity not everyone has to like them or participate in them 2- while my son does have some social anxiety issues he's not a pompous ass, 3- he plays outside, has friends and isn't just "book smart" or a book worm 4. And most importantly A parents job is not to make a child into what the parent or society wants them to be, its not their job to force a child into a cookie cutter mold a parents job is to encourage the child to be the very best of who the child wants to be and allow them to discover themselves ,their limits, their desires and passions as long as it is not harming themselves or others 5.some advice dont make assumptions based on stereotypes Because if do your going to miss out on some of the greatest things in life.
  2. I think I might be able to get a copy from his school because someone said they have a coding/robotics class/club but it's for the older kids, I'll have to call them and see if maybe they do ,if not I'll definitely try to find one.
  3. Oh he tries to teach me but I'm a stubborn learner but he does love teaching younger kids like his cousin but he gets very frustrated if he explains a concept and you just don't get it like he wants you too but I think that is anyone who tries teaching someone something lol. But I never pressure him in math I let him learn what he wants even if they think he's to young for it because I figure if he is too young for it he just won't get it, and if he gets it more power to him, but definitely going to check out the links and show him them but if it's math or science he probably will soak em up like a sponge lol. Definitely going to ask him because he wants to do aerospace robotics engineering and I do know that knowing coding would definitely help him in that. I definitely subscribed to the eddie woo videos because knowing my son he will most likely sit down with pen and paper and watch that because I've learned that his personal combination of want to learn,need to learn,goal orientation and his overachiever spirit (which is sometimes a bit detrimental) causes him to eat it all up.and with it being YouTube that alone will peak him.
  4. I have absolutely no idea but he rushed through his last Sol tests (from what a teacher said he was done with it in half the time the other kids were) and he still got a 560 on it but I'm definitely going to ask him when he gets home like I said I'm math illiterate but the hexidecimal word sounds familiar. I do know he definitely is above his peers and not fully interested in the testing they do because it's below his level so he rushes it, I'm also trying to find programs at our local NASA research center for him as well as math and science innovation centers. I'm just trying to give him every resource I can find out there for him.
  5. Back story-My son is gifted in math, I already knew this when the child was multiplying before kindergarten but sadly he was in less than great schools, but now he's transferred mid-year to an awesome school who noticed his sol scores and are planning to put him in gifted math and the gifted program next year (it's too late in the year at the new school) but they have a program called ixl that the school uses where you log into different math concept levels I found out my son has been logging out of his required work which he calls boring and been logging into the calculus section which he apparently absolutely loves. My problem is that I am absolutely math illiterate (I only completed pre-algebra) so when he excitedly trys to explain to me coordinate planes, x and y axis's etc.... I absolutely cannot comprehend or challenge him like he wants. I am looking for free websites and resources that I can direct him to so that he can continue to feed his unending thirst for math. He also likes science as well (he's wanting to grow up to build robots to send into space so I assume he means an aerospace engineer so any links for those would also be greatly appreciated. Please excuse the extra long post but I'm just a mom whose trying to help her son stay challenged on his own.
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