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  1. Although much genius is not genetic, I think that person should selectively breed that parrot. If we selectively breeded parrots to become more and more intelligent, there would be another species on this planet that would have high enough intelligence to actually converse with. Instead of filling our highschools with druged out humans, we could fill our schools with super intelligent parrots. I know this sounds far fetched, but I would(along with hundreds of thousands of other people) probably 10-50k for a parrot that had the intelligence of an average 20 year old man, and with the increasing of drug and alcohol use, and the relatively untapped potential of the parrot, making a parrot like that would not be hard. A lifelong companion parrot, live 90 years. Not smart enough humilate the average man, not frightening enough to scare the average woman. Everybody's happy.
  2. This might come off slightly offensive but I think we are going to degenerate, unless we develop or find some advanced genetic engineering techniques, I think humans are going to degenerate from an evolutionary stand point. People with genetic conditions that make it impossible to produce certain proteins to live for instance, with medicines(although I am quite happy that we have them and glad to see these people live) people can reproduce that have genetic characteristics that severly impair themselves and the genome. I also think that our culture influences to a tremendous degree who we mate with. The "wierd kid" is most likely NOT TO BREED. Nobody is attracted to the "wierd kid" because, well, he's wierd! But wierd is totally defined by culture. For instance, if you were in a heavily conservative society and you were liberal, you would be wierd. On the other hand if you were in a heavily liberal society and you were heavily conservative, you would be considered wierd. To my knowledge at least 40 % of our personalities are inherited from our parents. That means that it's probably genetic. I have a genetic abnormality known as Asperger's Syndrome. This imparts higher intelligence when it comes to engineering, specialization, problem solving ect But impairs ones social abilities, empathy, co-ordination, sensing motivations and carrys some enhanced sensitivities to certain things(I am super sensitive to sound, loud noises hurt my ears). However, no matter how advanced someone with my condition might be, no matter how much technical prowess someone like me might have, my chances of breeding are slim, if not non-existant. My dad was lucky. In short, if the culture promotes perversity, then perversity is what the gene pool is going to be directed towards. If it is directed towards benevolence, then benevolence is what the gene pool tends to go towards. Thus crappy culture = crappy gene pool. The thing I think that deteriorates the gene pool the most, I am sad to say, is the laziness of the intellectuals. The intellectuals don't reproduce as much, compared to dumb people who reproduce like rabbits. Anyway just a few insights, hope there helpful!
  3. Kylon


    Well, I would like to be an engineer. I was thinking about going to technical school to get a wielding degree/diploma/whatever. Then I would like to(if I am smart and strong willed enough) to become an engineer. If I am intelligent to be an engineer(mechanical, design, structural) then I will look into higher level maths and research. Then if I am intelligent enough to do that I may start my own company. Always have a plan B. I have confidence and optism in myself but nobody(human) is right 100% of the time.
  4. Oh yes and what effect does testosterone have on the neocortex and the Cerebral Cortex? and what side of the brain is the neocortex on and what side of the brain is the cerebral cortex on? Thanks
  5. I am a bit confused about all of this neocortex and cerebral cortex stuff. Not that I am an idiot or anything, it's just that I can't sift out the confusing signals of whats garbage and whats actual fact. I heard the neocortex is responsible for love, learning, empathy, and memory. How much of this is true? I also heard it was part of the "Thinking brain". Cerebral cortex- What exactly does it do? I also hear it deals with "Higher brain functions". Which means exactly what? Just a few questions. Oh yes and if you ever developed a drug that enhanced or "Grew" the neocortex I would probably pay an arm and a leg for it. Think, girls would love you because you'd be super empathic, You would learn super fast so you would be a big education buff, and your life would be happy because you would always love. Just some thoughts.
  6. Omega 3 and Omega 6 Fatty Acids and effect on brain- Faf, I was wondering what the effects are cuz I have been hearin stuff about this. I hear its "useful" or "needed" for brain function and making this that and the other. Is any of it true, or is it all just $@!^*@**? I would really like to know considering I want to find ways to improve my intelligence with as little as possible work.
  7. Be warned! A few of these are a little far fetched. Aim high because you will always end up lower than you expect to work. So make your expectations unreasonable so when you fail you will be just where you wanted to be. 1. I don't wanna die. I want to develop eternal youth(I have a great idea but I am a greedy #%@!&^@). 2. Genetic alteration of eternal youth 3. Genetic alteration of natural antibiotic production in the body so that my offspring are highly immune to disease and thus when bio terrorism happens, which it will far in the future my off spring will be barley affected and thus can help procreate for the species and be among the elite survivors Muhahahaha. 4. I want to leave a book of cultural ideas and concepts that my offspring should follow(or at least read). This way each generation they add a little more information, wisdom, proverbs, ideas technology concepts ect... Over 10 generations my off spring will amass huge quanities of wisdom, technology, and intelligence. 5. Intelligent offspring I want to educate my children and I to be highly educated. 6. Corporate empire- I want to use my ideas and my connections to build a coporate empire. (I have ideas that a high schooler can do that will generate big $$$) 7. I want to develop my ideas and technology concepts. I want to develop myself and thus make a last impression on the world. It's a big order I do admit. Improbable but not impossible. P.S I have it planned out how I plan on doing all these things.
  8. I was wondering if Dyslexia, Autism, Asperger's Syndrome or generally other neurological disorders, what is there cause? Also, I hear where we have maternal love (real love) is in this thing called the neo-cortex. I was wondering what other functions this might serve because I know it serves for the purpose of empathy but for a long time I have tried to be non-empathic because I didn't think it was logical. I may have been retarding myself in the process.
  9. I think it is so stupid that we have to pay outrageous prices for health care because a bunch of people are complete morons and don't take vitamins and supplements. If people took vitamin and mineral supplements throughout there lives... A( Increased productivity, healthy workers produce more and can think more and thus increase resources as a whole B( Quality of life, people have better quality of life they feel better get sick less often and can produce more. C( Lowered cost of health care, people would not need as much medical treatment because if they are sick less often and have less disorders then they would be healthier PREVENTION IS THE KEY. If we did this suppose it only took care of 1/10 of all medical problems. Even so that would be 1.5 GNP which translates into 70 Billion + 35 Billion = 105 billion That 105 billion could be used to take care of other much needed services. 1/4 of that would go into government hands which means that it could be spent on education and what not. This isn't also counting the increased production caused by healthier workers. Healthier workers means that they can produce alot more $$$. Easier to learn, smarter children, laborers can do more work ect... what do you think?
  10. Would this work? I noticed that water forms droplets, and that stuff can stick to water and all. I was thinking, if you ran a spray mist of water through some smoke, would the smoke stick to the water. If it did then you could attach this to a tail pipe or something of a vehicle emitting toxic fumes. Stuff like monoxcide could be broken down by platinum catalyst. Things like lead and stuff could be collected by the water and then as the water was collected after it was sprayed would be filtered(not very well). Then the water would go through another cycle and try to remove more air filth. If this idea worked and the water(since it sticks to stuff) if it would stick to smoke and lead and other garbage then it could possibly be used to create a air filter that might lower pollution and all. This would be great for places like Los Angelos, if it worked efficiently then California might pass laws forcing people to buy it and that could be like 10 million automatic buyers and if each air filtering system was sold at 25 or at 50 dollars, thats 250-500 million dollars gross profit right there. Los Angelos has extremely smoggy air I hear. Japan might also do the same.
  11. Let me explain something to you. All of those "Advanced techniques" that tend to work so well, they have to be customized for each student. There are three MAJOR reasons why public schools are so inconcievably bad. 1. Lack of money- If there were more money, you could customize your education and thus increase the efficiency of education. With more money you could learn what you wanted and learn how to directly apply the information. A teacher would have to think up for each student how they could individually use the information they are given. This would take alot of TIME and time = MONEY. The school systems are already having a major shortage of $$$ ONE MAJOR REASON FOR SCHOOL %@H!ness. 2. Democracy- Democracy is a wonderful form of government. Indeed without democracy the average person would not be allowed to have a free public education. However the disadvantage, or advantage of a democracy is everybody gets to have a say. This means that something you might think would be good for your child will have to go through A( a complex and extremely inefficient bureocratic process which will probably turn it into something different B( Your idea may offend somebody, and we can't have that. C( everybody else had to go through a crappy system, you should too. It would also change the standards. 3. Last but not least, school isn't ment for the top 1%. School is ment to get you ready for the business world(work drone). You are not suppose to be a Picasso, an Einstein, there are too few to cater to there needs to be cost effective. These are a few major reasons why school = BS
  12. This is where you would go to post a new idea about a government policy, how to create new government policies, improve on existing ones, talk about creating Utopias ect... Some of my ideas Co-Operatives- These would be like farmers co-operatives except also for science and for business. The government would organize companies to work together, scientist to work together, spliting and deciding the spoils after the co-operative is done. This would try to have people work together so that they can generate more $$$ and more technology. Sounds stupid or unrealistic but it could be achieved somehow This should be run by banks. Science income grants- What these would be is the government could say- WE WILL PAY X AMOUNT FOR RESEARCH IN THIS AREA. Then the scientist could work on it and perhaps come up with a solution and make some money. This wouldn't just be like millenium prize problems, or really hard to do things. This would be everyday stuff that people need. Along with getting a generous grant of $$$ the scientist would also get a small percentage of the profits. This means that research companies for the United States government could exist. They probably already do something like this. Educational Information- A free assortment and library produced by the government to people wanting to learn a trade or industry or get involved in a new industry. Probably on the internet if their was a major enclyopedia on the internet setup by the government that was large or had alot of links... WIthout sifitng through BS. Military-Industry- If the U.S started designing military compatible ships that could be easily refitted and turned into battle cruisers ect... with low cost but passed tax incentives so that people would end up buying them instead of what they usually use then in war time we could assemble huge numbers of military vessels cheaply and quickly. This would reduce the cost of having a high military capacity. Patent extensions- Patents need to be extended, if so then technology would be more heavily emphasized and those uncreative industries that didn't produce could rot and hell and die. This way the United States could produce alot more Tech because it would be more profitable to produce technology. Also instead of companies hoarding technology because of a limited patent they would release them quickly onto the market. We should use the technocratic concept of a specialist in office. Welfare should be limited to 5 years + Job training Things should be deregulated as long as they "get it done" so that states can design laws to their individual liking. Their needs to be a virtual education center thats free. Stocks should be based off of dividends, not quick gains. There should be tax incentives for less toxic dangerous substances. The government should be more privatized, thus increasing efficiency.
  13. This is for bad science jokes. All the worst puns, ect... For the more intellectuals of this forum you will probably stay away from this. But for as of us immature people, I would like to post this post so they can put all their vulgarity, nastiness, and stupidity into one box. -Uranus "Have you seen Uranus? I here its round and gassy."
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    Chat times

    Lets specify a time when we can chat. Then we can meet at that time.
  15. We need to find a way to harness this kind of power! I mean, if this works, then we could erase data from a far part of the galaxy to create alterations in some other part of the galaxy = METHOD OF COMMUNICATION MUAHAHHAAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA EHEHEHEHEHEHEHE
  16. Hello! As most of you know by now, I am highly uneducated but extremely talented when it comes to creativity(I think I have an enlarged part of my brain that does Holistic and Spatial things). I have an idea for how to evolve things at a fast rate so to create a SUPER RACE. This would allow a evolutionary breakthrough. Okay here is the idea. I was reading in my biology book and I found out about conjugation. I know most of you have large reservoirs of information in your head, but it does little good if you cannot use any of it. Anyway, I was thinking, what if we took a bunch of human cells from different people, then we took some genes from a micro-organism that used conjugation, injected it into the human cells, had them reproduce. Then once they reproduced in large numbers, they would begin exchanging good genes amongst each other. Paramecium have conjugation which (I believe) would and does allow them to evolve at fast rates. The disadvantage of conjugation and why I think it doesn't exist on multi-celluar organisms, is because when one cell exchanges DNA with another cell it doesn't exchange DNA with all the different cells. This would lead to confusion among cells, that might lead to the body attacking itself cancer and other crap. But, if you were to have hundreds of different humans with good genes, then you had there cells conjugate the DNA, then I think nature would probably wish to keep the best genes and ditch the worthless ones. Anyway, it would be an easy way to quick evolve a species, since I want my children to be stronger than me I am thinking bout this. Neurons Transmit/Record DNA- I heard somewhere that Neurons change and transmit DNA. Is there any validity to this? Because if there is... Then when creating superior off spring you could genetically code them with prelearned skills. If the skills were advanced techniques and such then they would never be lost. And that the DNA is related to Learning and memory genes.
  17. Kylon


    Do people, would people plagurize ideas on this forum if they were good enough? If an idea were good enough would somebody else steal the idea on this forum and use it for their own profit?
  18. Some areas you might want to look into future possible cures are- Prions which would be highly unpredictable but, perhaps we could make a prion that would convert the HIV virus to it. Like Mad Cow disease, if we took some prions that were growing, destroying, ect... ect... and introduced tons of different types of proteins, and alot of HIV, then I am thinking that the prions mutating all the other proteins in the process may eventually find a protein type that would effectively convert HIV to Mush. This is probably far more dangerous than the other ideas but its fun to think about! Also, I was thinking of something similar to the decoy blood cells, instead of red blood cells, dead cancerous white blood cells. Advantages are, there is very little tricky genetic engineering. If by chance, the virus mutated and attached itself to the other receptor then it would still kill the virus, HIV would not just be temporarily trapped, since it would be dead it would be passed out of the system rather quickly. Blood poisoning is a prob though Also, this has more than likely been thought of, and I am probably wrong, but... They have tricked the body into thinking that niactin is bad for it(it is but it doesn't usually trigger an immune response) If they were to kill HIV, and use similar techniques to trigger a immune response, they might be able to make a vaccine. Cuz HIV usually kills the cells that make anti-bodies right? Sorry about grammar and spelling. Time is scarce and I have long messages.
  19. Cloning- I think cloning should be used in the future, or at least developed. Sci-fi writers, deep thinkers, many others and many diifferent religions say there will be an age when humans blow themselves to shreads. So we should develop the technology, then if the world ever goes kaboom! We can repopulate without all being inbreeded. I also think we are not evolving as fast, and the way we should. We will need cloning to further human evolution.
  20. Then they could use, Uranium 238 as a fuel source. I read on encarta that it doesn't fission easily, but it does fission. If this is the case, then I would think that if you compressed it down really small then you could fission it. Just applying science to technical applications
  21. Kylon

    Wierd Bacteria

    I don't have any articles to back this up, but, I was watching the news, and they were talking about Yellow Stone Park, and in the gyser pocket things, there were these bacteria that fed off the thermal energy. It was like 250-280 degrees or something like that. Anyway, just thought you might find this interesting.
  22. My favorite, A weak disease that lingers in your system, like herpes. Once difference though, the anti-body happens to also neutralize certain receptors on the brain. The anti-body is distributed with the virus. The longer you live, the dumber you become
  23. Okay, I know my ideas usually have a few flaws in them, sometimes thousands, but HEAR ME OUT! I have an idea on how to stop the rise of stupidity! Tell me if this is ethically fit or not in your opinion. You know selective breeding? Why can't we use it in the U.S, or other developed countries? BECAUSE PEOPLE ARE NOT WILLING TO HAVE babies just for money, because they aren't desperate. However, in third world countries, under developed countries and such, there are large numbers of desperate people willing to have babies, and raise them for money. I was thinking, what if we took the, ahem for lack of a less vulgar word, human fertilizers from the men. Then we used collected you know what to fertilize women in third world countries, also places like Russia, indonesia, Africa(maybe not africa) all previous U.S.S.R locations, India, but not any of the Arab world, for we do not want intelligent adversaries. Then, over time, the small communities of elites that we had breeded would end up breeding with other elites, and so forth. The people could then be recruited by universities, flown over to the United States(or other developed countries sponsoring this kind of thing) and given training and education. We would then have a much greater number of elites, the most beautiful, most intelligent, best fit, ect... ect... would end up being all over that place. We could then selectively breed stronger and smarter people over a few generations and then use their fertilizers to produce more elites.
  24. When neutrons leave fissionable materials, does the energy come from the neutron becoming a electron and a proton? Or does the neutron itself break down into pure energy?
  25. Then how do nukes work? They pressurize, and heat nuclear fuels. That causes a reaction to go off all at once. Am I wrong?
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