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  1. I have read that the slip of time happened many times with the different people. Is it true ? I think it is true but it may happen in high energy field which may disturb into cosmic energy.
  2. Physically possible if we break time of a point from space time as in time fishing theory
  3. Time is nothing it only measure of interval of changes in universe. It relates the velocity of changing and positions of a particular point in space . This is a measure of very little changes in continuously. In the universe there are difference in the changing velocity in different parts thus in univers time changing may be different in that places.
  4. Time travel is possible only if we create a wormhole in space and travel within this wormhole . Within this wormhole the gravity effect is zero because within wormhole there is no space effect . The spinning direction of wormhole decides to the time travel toward past or future. For creation of wormhole we should to disturb cosmic energy of space. When we make a path by disturbing cosmic energy in space by high energy of electromagnetic wave. It creates a zero time path only decided by its spinning direction to past or future.
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