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  1. If you focus on what is in front of you everything around will become blurred
  2. That to me seems odd since your eyes are naturaly supposed to do the opposite
  3. Alright then take my advise. Instead of criticising me.. teach me of what this is
  4. You know I am not the oldest person so I am still learning so don't judge me
  5. Well i am unsure on how I was to know that Also my evidence is the fact that I have begun pushing myself and I have begun go hold on for longer and even blur even more than before
  6. If you guys begin to push urselves u can get better " strength " over eyes
  7. I would like to ask what is the cause of this?.? I ain't that old and I would like to know a little bit about this becau this is kind of confusing
  8. I have only known about having voluntary vision for a few years and I have begun pushing myself so I can now hold a state of blurry vision for about 10 minutes but any longer gives me a slight headache. I am still working on pushing myself
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