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  1. Hey @bimbo36, I was just scrolling through the threads, that how I came to see your thread. Something I can relate to. So, I wanted to help you... I don’t know, how effective the gum is going to be for you, but I am pretty sure vaping can be more effective than the gums. I’ve seen many people who has successfully quit smoking after vaping. My father is one among them. He used to be a heavy smoker for more than 10 years. He wanted to quit smoking when he started experiencing health issues. He tried all he could, gums, cold turkey and all the other, but was only successful with the help of vaping. Maybe you could also try that. These days vape juices are easily available. My father mostly buy ejuice online- link to commercial site removed - rule 2.7 . You can start with higher Nicotine content and then reduce it accordingly, that’s how my father did it. Hope this small experience helped you decide…
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