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  1. It all depends on how clever "you" are & how intelligent "they" are.
  2. Purchasing power & legal ownership are delusions. The right to imprison by force or any kind of moral rationalization regarding anything are delusions. The axiom of choice itself is a delusion. The algebraic innovation displayed in my revised solution to the OP is fact. The conscious reorganization of events too fast & small to observe under the standard model from long dead Dyson Swarms & the hand they play in my skills is fast becoming a workable hypothesis under my partial model of reality.
  3. Excuse me? Uhm, what exactly have you demonstrated in this thread? Your ability to lookup the answer or spam the neg button because you don't like me? Your popularity because sheep and layman like your posts? The only other person that demonstrated arithmetic in this thread used an easier method, even though it wasn't what the OP inquired about.
  4. For the snobby & inglorious half of the rich languorous = dangerous when referring to a subject. It doesn't take a lot of thinking to realize how much your life is wasted because of the way things are. "They" don't want "their" subjects realizing what "they" have, keep them busy with work. That's why the monetary system is still implemented everywhere in the civilized world a century after a resource-based economy became practical. I'll never work a day in my life. In return, I'll have all this time to spend preventing other people from working with the full application of all my genius until the machine that gives people like "them" a cushy life at our expense breaks down completely. "They" can't win this game. Like all things this game is about give and take. If 100 million lives conspire to waste 7 billion lives, 7 billion lives will conspire to decimate 100 million lives. Simple arithmetic.
  5. Okay mister mathematica at least I can do it algebraically unlike Studiot Oh please that's what calculators do...calculating without error has nothing to do with intuitiveness or problem solving & feel free to neg me all you want I'm still more cognitively enhanced than all of you put together, i.e.: Human error aside, arithmetically I was right from the git-go that's called Ultra Instinct. Ya'll take the easy way out because ya'll have Mediocre Instinct. The powers that be widely recognize me as a dangerous Think-Tank. I've taken out multiple assailants that were larger and more fit than after blacking out just from picking up on self defense techniques little by little over the years & understanding the psychology of fight or flight in real time stress-management and ho to manipulate the adrenal response. Every time I view this forum there's a black box by my avi because of what I posted that fomula for the volume of sphere applied to anti-Bell arithmetic is beyond classified and I managed to intuit some of it.
  6. Yet it's still more accurate than studiots even when adding it up wrong. intuitive arithmetic It would have been exact
  7. neg all you ye simp it' more accurate than studiot's method neg all you ye simp it' more accurate than studiot's method you will never be able to invent problem specific solutions on the fly like that
  8. Okay the algebraic solution this problem turned out to be more multi-faceted than one would intuit but I was clever enough to show the work algebraically which you won't get from these clowns. Let me rewrite it real quick.
  9. Yeah but he asked about the linear algebraic approach which is what mine was. The approach was correct.... No they're not, I put a wrong number in there. They were right to begin with
  10. (x, y, z) = (11.51, -25.25, 16.57) https://www.google.com/search?ei=faGSW7D0O8TLjwSynZbwCQ&q=(3+x+11.509433963)+%2B+(2+x+-25.24528302)+%2B+(7+x+16.566037736)&oq=(3+x+11.509433963)+%2B+(2+x+-25.24528302)+%2B+(7+x+16.566037736)&gs_l=psy-ab.12...49852.113042..114247...2.0..0.105.1712.26j1......0....1..gws-wiz.yiFpSA7iQyE This has to be right whoever disliked my solution is being a real meany and this hurts my feelings!
  11. Okay whoever disliked my solution, explain why it's incorrect or why you think its incorrect
  12. Quite right but you can trick people to do what you want. That's why we've kept the monetary system long past it's expiration date, that's we've stopped making progress. more tech that would be useful if more widely disseminated...I can think of a couple things offhand. Resonant Cavity Telecom, certain crypto, certain projectiles, betavoltaics (got to get around to building one for a cabin someday), ultracaps (array or not IDC), Fe-Al batteries...quite few things really.
  13. The martyring Hebrews were as set up by the Romans as David Koresh, Osama Bin Laden, Marylin Manson or Donald Trump were set up by the powers that be. Jesus represented those long forgotten martyrs. Religion is politics, religion is...control!
  14. shoulder width over waist pivot multiplied by dat chronic
  15. Ahah! I didn't multiply the 3z by 3 at the end. becomes 99z, 448z + 99z = 547z - 581z = -34z so z=1090/34=32.0588235294 Sub that into the z variable in your isolated y to get y, sub into the y variab in your isolated x variab to get x. It's tricky to do off instinct when you have this many numbers you can easily mistake
  16. The Roman 1% survived Rome's through Christianity monopolizing Europe & buying most of America through the hospitals bribing the FDA to misinform, the psychiatrists to perform chemical lobotomies & buying the schools to indoctrinate us and bind all the communities under they're cross... Although Ivar did do more damage to the Christians than any Rebel hence:
  17. The quantum computers will have a heck of a time making my cleverness obsolete
  18. That's totally wrong, it's actually going to look more like this for S(0->1): Now graphing it in three dimensions, you have that for (xy), you have the same coordinates as xy for (xz), but also for (yz). Everything gets copied 3-fold.
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