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  1. please i need assistance urgently on the following: a) y = kx it is direct proprortionality b) y = -kx please state indirect or direct proportionality it is common knowledge that when there is an increase of y1 to y2 there is a corresponding increase from x1 to x2.....this is direct proportionality. the above definition of direct proportionality does is not applicable on the straight lines as follows a) y = -2x + 10 b) y = -3x c) y = -x + 8 for the function y =x2 (x squared) a) for the domain x equal to zero or greater than zero (and also less than positive infinity) the curve is an increasing function b) for the domain x equal to zero or greater than zero (also greater than negative infinity) the curve is a decreasing function based on the quadratic curve y = x2. please could you confirm everything as stated above.
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