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  1. Thanks so much Ophiolite! Its so true, If i asked almost anybody in my year how somthing happened or why somthing happened their answer would be. "I Don't know it just did." That or they'd say, Im sure its in the text book somewhere.
  2. see why im worried . ^o) You ask them anything other than what your doing in the lesson or even HOW anything happens etc. they just say thats irrelevant, stop asking stupid questions, then they shout at you. thanks for all your help everybody, any more information you could give me on this subject would be gradnly appreciated!!
  3. isotopes... how do they become isotopes? Im serious, they dont teach you this stuff in Secondary schooL! argh, i feel so dumb.
  4. forigve my idiocy, but didnt everybody think that about all the other inventions that were in star trek..? One day we'll all have a holodeck of our own! I know most people think science is more aout finding the answers to questions, thus putting an end to questions, but in reality doesn't it just make us think up more? Why wouldn't we be able to transfere matter?
  5. see now I also thought this when I thought mercury is a liquid ( At room temperature) yet somthing with a lower A/no. would be a solid. Although things lyk Hydrogen and Helium are gasses and have very low numbers. but would it be more likely that an element with a very high A/no. would be more likely to be a solid? Or maybe evern more likely to be a gas? and to be honest im even sure myself on my second stupid question. I am guesing I mean to sort of start some kind of reaction, which would ( i guess) be by burning?
  6. If you had a superheavy element perhaps somthing that had an atomic number of over 100 (107 etc) would it be a liquid Solid or a gas? Sorry if this is a stupidly obvious question. I wouldn't have thought that the Atomic number would have anything to do with it, But I am unsure. Also, How would you give an element like this energy.? Sorry for my stupid questions! I'm am not exactly top of my class. thanks xXx
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