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  1. No need for debate.....you made a specific statement which I have linked here and you were asked for any proof or reference material or anything to substantiate you claim .....you provided nothing
  2. No...you did not....its a very specific statement requiring no clarification. Would you like to back peddle and clarify it here so we could get someone with some qualification to expound on whether it has merit?
  3. He is stating that the reason POC's are less statistically prone to engaging in school shootings is because the have a differing self preservation mechanism which makes them less apt to involve themselves in premeditated actions where escape is not likely.
  4. Hi folks.....I have this moron I somehow ended up arguing with on another forum who made the following claim "Persons of Color are more genetically disposed to sanction on the side of self preservation. Ergo, mass shootings where escape is not really important isn't appealing to most of them." Now obviously this is bullshit but the guy just will not let it go .........if there is anyone active on this forum who is credentialed and can provide me some documentation or a study that would prove his premise false I would appreciate it. I assumed that base instincts like Self Preservation were developed well before there were any separate races and even at that genetically there is essentially no difference between races ragardless. Ben
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