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  1. Please tell me the name of that oil that has no fragrance or little bit fragrance & can dissolve in alcohol.
  2. How to make Tobacco Fragrance Oil with Patal Jantar ancient method & with other latest methods?
  3. In old days people use Sandalwood oil as base oil for making fragrances but now these days Sandalwood is expensive, Please suggest me, Now which base oil we can use alternative of Sandalwood oil for making fragrances
  4. I want to mix carrier oil with alcohol and many carrier oil like coconut oil does not mix with alcohol ,Due to I am asking volatile base oils, Thanks.
  5. How to decrease smell of essential oils.
  6. For making of fragrance which volatile oil is unique as base oil?
  7. I want to make fragrance due to I want mix oil with alcohol, I want to keep oil in fragrance as base oil, John Cuthber ( Chemistry Expert ) Please suggest me some base oils that can easily mix with alcohol, Thank you very much for your cooperation!
  8. Are These Oils Polar Carrot Seed Oil, Peanut Oil, Canola oil, Sun Flower Oil, Soybean oil? Because we need polar oils for mixing with alcohol (ethanol).
  9. How can make nonpolar oils to polar for mixing with alcohol (ethanol)?
  10. Will all oils that mentioned here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_essential_oils mix with alcohol?
  11. Please mention some oils names that can easily mix.
  12. Which Oils can easily mix with alcohol?
  13. Q: What are you trying to achieve? Ans: I want to make fragrance.
  14. I want to mix olive oil in alcohol but when I added and try to mix them then It's not mixing and generating bubbles, Please describe me proper method to mix any oil in alcohol, Thanks.
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