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  1. lol its not funny to downtalk someone via text which whom doesnt know you. logically assuming humor and/or sarcasm is foolish. doesnt make my post any less correct, either.
  2. i would say there are many factors which induce the urge to get busy. some of which are: Horomones, and including the triggers like afrodesiacs, ovulation schedule, etc Instincts. Reproduction as mentioned before is a core survival trait for prosperity of a species. Although we're close to being too prosperous, which in off-topic, might play role in sexual preference or even labido production. self-consciousness in various fields. Esteem, confidence, respect, pride, accomplishment, or even feeling as if the mission is completed, could all have a dramatic effect on willingness and desire. With that being said, for the OPs main thread question, i would say a higher IQ is more likely to not have an eternal sex drive. It's likely youre contemplating things which are advanced and require consistent dedication, focus, and energy to do the job well, joyously. Not to mention your particular train of thought may even be the first to understanding and simply reiterating in a new way which broadens the possibility of bringing understanding to new minds, which is also important for the species. So the level of stress or contentment may be a little off balance after really stretching the brain. sometimes you just want to turn the lights off. Hope this brought some perspective to the table. Respecting each others perspectives is a cornerstone to progression, in my opinion.
  3. Yeah you must not see what I'm talking about. The condescending passive aggressive nature of your reply let's me know that you're not an open minded unbiased theorist. More along the lines of "going with the know" or "My minds made up already. I'm replying because I'm bored." Which is fine. Had you actually read what I wrote, you would notice that the first thing i did was describe the difference between the light headed floating circles compared to distinctive movement. They are NOT very close. I see them much more abundantly outdoors opposed to indoors. the more elevation, seemingly, the more various objects in question. They are not on the eyeball, otherwise environment and/scenery wouldnt make much of a difference, only contrast. The fact that polarized lenses helps me distinguish each of these phenomenons, tells me that they have some kind of electricity to them. This should be easily scientifically concluded. They are various sizes which I assume is mainly differentiated by distance, although there are some goliaths of the pact, it seems too. Whether they are craft or creature, I'm not sure. Also, these dont "dart" away when i look at them. they move INDEPENDENTLY from my pupils orientation. as in, i can move my eye and keep track of them. But not always and you gotta keep it as minimal possible if tracking is an issue. If you're content believing these are just billions of cells on your eyeball, doing their jobs, well hey, you're a winner. Try not to be so judgemental if you're unwilling to have no bias on the subject, especially if being content is your goal. Closed minded arguments are a poor way to exercise contentment. Sorry for your misunderstanding.
  4. These are not blood cells. If these were blood cells, you would see them so frequently, it would be annoying. Those floaters you may get from standing up to fast, getting the wind knocked out of you, holding your breath, are the blood cells carrying oxygen to your brain to resuscitate. These things, however, have multiple variations. size, speed, glow, duration, luminosity, etc. some are even shadowy. it almost looks like a wisp of cigarette smoke. they are undoubtedly intelligent by nature and the more plausible reasoning makes most uneasy, so I wont go there. Lately, with the same kind of focus used for viewing these objects, or lack of focus required, i have additionally begun to see seemingly invisible things. i can see something move of deliberate and destinguishable actions without having a logical "scientific" explanation. examples being wind, temperature, moisture, pressure, seasonal circumstance. there isnt much relevance. in fact, sometimes every single one of them are moving at a muuuch slower rate compared to their typical speeding bullet sense of hurry. That really throws a veil over the entire question presuming there are other circumstance(s) which are not being accounted for and anticipated. Back to these invisible gliders, they come and go from seemingly random locations not following any obvious logical consistency. They are weird to track and easy to lose. as another person said, i can track them until i move my pupil off of target. im learning to move my.focus while maintaining constant visual. some of these things are astronomically huge, frankly its terrifying but humbling. For people who do not notice these yet, and would like to try/learn, i recommend buying a relatively cheap of polarized sunglasses. This cuts out a lot of that stupid glare of technicolor that is distracting and constantly waxing and waning. Be sure you're relatively calmed/relaxed. Do not allow the sun to be in much of your vision if any, peripheral included. but daytime is much easier. dont look around a lot, instead, kind of stare into nothingness similar to those illusion pictures where you gotta make your eyes go out of focus to see the 3d image, except, dont go fuzzy eyes. reseting your eyes and changing your pupils orientation with your line of view may reset what you were tracking. this becomes less and less after being familiar with the process, as in am now seemingly able to see cloaked or stratospheric crafts, and track the others longer and with incremental pupil orientated movement. ive only a few guesses what it all adds up to, most of which i would doubt people want to hear. im new here but hopefully ill remember to check back on this incase anyone has questions on the matter or would like to share/discuss
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