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  1. X^0 is 1. such as 10^0 =1, since 10/10 =1, and 10^1/10^1 = 10^(1-1) = 10^0. How about 0^0.
  2. Most people here do NOT like Trump. I will let Hillary Clinton to be the president. And Hillary Clinton's supporters can get what they ask for. --- such as welcoming1 million refugees in 2018. -- She will continue to give $500 Billion/year to China. -- More political correctness stuff. ..."Latinos have passed whites as the largest ethnic group in California in 2015. California, in 2015, white population was 38%. Texas, in 2015, white population was 43%. Florida, in 2015, whites population was 45.7%". They need more Latinos and Blacks and East Asians here. just let Hillary Clinton's supporters get what they ask for. If they want to more political correctness stuff. Trump should give them more. so what? they will Not hate him anymore and say anything bad to him.
  3. some people say it should be 3-based. There are 4 DNA letters, A, T, , C. Anyway all DNA word have three letters.
  4. How does human body produce telomerase?
  5. "But how is a wood one to do with it?" what you said...LMAO.
  6. Bike is for sure related with physics.
  7. The "fleas" caused a lot if troubles in history.
  8. T/F, flea cant live on the body of horses?
  9. Did ancient people invent wood bike?
  10. I am a person full of knowledge. I will talk about this topic ( "I'm surprised you haven't mentioned ancient China.") as you required.
  11. Moorish ruled Spain, 711-1492, 781 years. Islam in Spain, Wikipedia There were 4 million Spanish slaves. After Spain gained it freedom, Africans still took 1 million Spanish slaves for another 250 years (1530 to 1780). The greatest Spanish writer, Cervantes was a slave in Algiers, he was ransomed.   In the "Song of Roland", the Moors were described as "Blacker than ink with large noses and ears" and with "nothing white except the teeth."
  12. What a joke, "he is clearly not smart in terms of academic standards.", lol Some Economics Professors are only able to make money by teaching Economics . They are only able to read book. Trump made a lot of money, he is far smart than those book worms.
  13. What is the relationship between the number of stem cells and telomerase/telomere in a human body?
  14. Trump the Great, he will receive this title in history.
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