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  1. You have created a version of Utopia according to your experience and ideals.Though I have some doubt about your system,like using gold as currency(because gold is incredibly useful for electronics since it has minimal resistance to electricity),I agree with you.Note that Utopia is a latin world which originates from two ancient greek words(ού witch means no and τόπος which means place).As such the very roots of the word suggests that a perfect community does not exist.Sorry to crush your philosophy but as many have tried,all have faill.For example Thomas More was beheaded,Tiberious and Gaious Grakchus were both assassinated,Platon was sold as a slave etc.The point is that as long as GREED and other sins exist,there can be no perfect human.Therefore there can be no perfect social system created by humans. I may have misspelled some names.
  2. By saying nothing I mean that the scale of my knowledge is minimal. Thank you,it is nice to know that I share this opinion with someone else.As for trying to find mathematical references points I struggle as much as you do(I'm assuming it since you mentioned you raised questions like mine).This is why I think maths are wrong-to a point.This might just be a perfunctory conclusion that I created but even though maths are tools that other aspects of science use,but they do not appear(to me at least) to have any sort of connection to reality.
  3. Indeed it doesn't.What matters to me are things that have a direct contact with the current capabilities of human understandings.Maybe I'm wrong to think of that but what does so big you can't understand and infinite differ to you?And isn't infinity so big you can't understand it anyway?
  4. Before you read,understand that this is a personal question that I managed to create.I don't know why,but mathematics seem a bit off to me.I agree that I am questioning almost everything related to science and am probably very wrong but if man created a tool to explain,understand and calcute the results and causes of phenomena of his surroundings,shouldn't it be perfect to be usable?And perfect is something only perfect can create.And man is not perfect.I accept any responses and am happy to read and reply to most of them I can.I'll have you know I'm 16 years old and hope to understand more than the nothing I currently do in this world.
  5. In school our teacher said that black holes have such a huge gravitational pull that not even the light can escape it.I asked him how since the light has no mass.He said that photons actually do have a mass but only if they are not moving and he showed us Einstein's equasion about mass and velocity: m=mo/(square root)1-V/c .How is that even possible? Sorry about any mistakes and about that square root thing but I'm using my phone and there is no square root on the keyboard
  6. I think that gravity comes from the center of protons,netrones and electrones.Think about it.A lot of things are very similar even though they are tremendously different in size.For example the the planetary systems work very similar to the atoms.They have a core and much smaller particles(I think they're called) that orbit around them.Plus they are far away from the core for their size.And inside the planets(or some at least) the ore is very hot-contains a ton of energy.So in conclusion gravity is the force that is caused by the energy stored deep inside protons,netrones and electrons.Most likely from netrons only because I see no other reason for them to exist.
  7. What does infinite even mean?The universe is of course a very big place and we cannot understand it's scale as humans.What difference does it make if it is finite or infinite?We probably won't even leave our own galaxy in the end.
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