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  1. 2001 is a fantastic movie. its cinematography is fantastic and the scenes though drawn out are great because they look so astounding. it probably contains some of the best special effects in movies, i think especially for its time. however, i think kubrick's a clockwork orange is a better movie. its quite graphic but its a pretty amazing thing. the book is quite good as well
  2. has anyone caught a good glimpse of mars yet either with telescope or naked eye. i was wondering if anyone knew where to look because im borrowing my friends telescope if that could help me see something where i live
  3. pour 5 gallons into the big gallon then pour it into the 3 gallon one leaving it full and 2 gallons in the 5 gallon container. then pour out the water in the 3 gallon container and replace it with the other two gallons in the 5 gallon one leaving only 2 in the 3 gallon container. next fill up the 5 gallon container to the top and pour it into the 3 gallon container until its full. the 2 gallons in the 3 gallon container plus one extra makes 3 and the 5 minus one makes 4. lol that was also in the third die hard movie
  4. yea im pretty sure it was artificial as in humans know they are doing it because he said that was the probability that kip thorne would be able to travel back in time.
  5. in stephen hawkings book the universe in a nutshell he says he showed that the probability of something large traveling back in time is 1/10^(10^60). thats really what it was but he said that small particles travel back in time all the time i think. it was something like that i dont remember it clearly. anyway im no expert on this i just thought maybe this would be interesting to know.
  6. I was wondering why is that objects appear to become smaller as they get farther away. No one really notices it because its always like that but I was wondering if it has to do with our eyes or something else.
  7. i didnt word my question very well because i was wondering if i should learn more advanced algebra and more advanced geometry instead of focusing on calculus only. i know algebra is used but i was wondering to what level. calculus seems to be the most important but i was wondering if it would be worthwhile to learn other areas of mathematics at a higher level instead of focusing on calculus only to understand physics.
  8. I have another math question. i was wondering if other fields of mathematics are used in physics besides calculus. I know geometry is used in physics but i dont know how much algebra is used in it. i was wondering if it would be useful to learn all types of math besides only calculus such as algebra and geometry and if it would be worth the effort in order to understand physics and higher mathematics in general. i didnt know exactly where to put this so i just put in the algebra section.
  9. the alternate universe theory has already been thought up
  10. Im in high school and I am in a honors pre-calculus class. Anyway, we dont learn anything that in depth in that class and I am extremely interested in physics. However, in order to understand physics and its derivations you need to learn calculus. I was wondering if anyone knows a good way to learn calculus through any books or websites you have> i know it will take a long time to learn but i want to know how to understand physics. Next year I am going to take AP Calculus so i will learn some stuff there but i know it will not be all that i want to learn. I was just looking for some suggestions since people on these forums seem to know a lot.
  11. I am not sure about the correct placing of this thread in the Politics section and I am not an expert on entropy or many sciences for that matter. I have started to take chemistry and it has started me on the path to learning more about all types of sciences and philosophies. So, this question I ask may be absurd or it may be justifiable. I do not know. I just came here because I figured I would be able to find a logical answer here from people who have thought this out. The question is: Is world peace possible according to the laws of entropy? My teacher was talking about world peace and its relation to entropy and I think he said something about how world peace would not be possible. Is world peace plausible according to entropy? I am still learning about entropy so this question may be absurd, but I was wondering if someone here could tell me about it.
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