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  1. This is my guess: Mn + H+ + NO3- -----> Mn2+ + NO + H2O Yeah, I'm sure there's something wrong with it. I just started RedOx today.
  2. Hello, Whenever I face a problem of the following type, I am always baffled as to which answer is correct. This is because of conflicting answers given by my professor, and the answer given in the answer scheme, so even I do not know why or which answer is correct. In the question in first picture, I chose B) as the answer since the stoichiometry matches . However according to the answer scheme, the correct answer is E). When I emailed my professor regarding this, he instead made me confused even more by stating that the answer is C) and not E) or B). Consequently, in the question in the second picture, I was utterly confused on which answer is correct. Based on the answer scheme, the answer is D), and I do not understand why (I am not even sure whether the answer scheme is reliable due to the conflicting answers given previously). If anyone can explain to me which is the correct answer, and more importantly WHY, that would be greatly appreciated!
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