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  1. Oh Thanks mate, i have seen this reaction on youtube but i was looking for something a little more... spectacular... a little more explosive? i have adequate fuses ect. but would like something that detonates rather than deflagrates, although violent deflagration such as that of Kmn04 and petrol or manganese heptoxide but i dont have access to sulphuric acid
  2. Hi guys, Does anyone know what would happen in a reaction between pottsasium permanganate and methanol? I have heard many things about Kmn04 and petrol and was wondering wether whis would work. Thanks in advance
  3. Hey guys, New on the forums I have a free house this weekend and access to a wide range of chemicals (my dad has a masters in chemistry, go figure) not least of which, pottasium permanganate. Any good, interesting reactions you would suggest? (have already tried with icing sugar ) Thanks in advance
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