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  1. I read this in Eastern Body Western Mind, a book on the chakra system in relation to psychology. experimental evidence for rainbow energies that swirl from the bottom of your spine to the crown of your head connecting you to universal energy? I'm sure probably doesn't exist. XD Perhaps the Monroe Institute does, if one considers their research legitimate.
  2. I didn't expect you to take it seriously. Just a abnormal answer to the question from Abnormallyhonest. I appreciate your mathematical explanation. The book was copyrighted in the 90's, as were most of the books I gained my limited scientific insight from. Now that I have internet as a resource I'm overwhelmed by my lack of knowledge. Mathematics is perhaps the best starting point for true understanding.
  3. in a moment of clairvoyance noticed the "space" between 0&1 differed from spaces between 1&2,2&3,3&4 and so forth. I immediately thought 0 implies infinity, 0 doesn't make sense. This was in my head, I can't explain what I mean by spaces, nor is valid evidence. However, I read a book dealing with complementarity mainly concerning quantum mechanics, but it also briefly touched on other subjects. It said 0 and infinity are mathematical complementarities for the reason 0÷n=0 but n÷0=infinity So yes, I do believe 0 is a "form" of infinity. And so did Menas Kafatos & Robert Nadeau as they cited it in their The Conscious Universe.
  4. Clairvoyance is actual a form of sight which goes beyond the optical seeing of the material world humans experience to the energy from which it comes. I have personally experienced moments of it myself and, like you, I hope humans develop a sense of it. But not to create, as you suggested, to understand.
  5. The point of the existence of art: is to rebel against existence. Existence insures one will die and be forgotten. Art is a expression of the self attempting to create a meaningful record that lasts. Quotes from The Rebel by Albert Camus: "Art is the activity that exalts and denies simultaneously....No artist tolerates reality....Artistic creation is a demand for unity and a rejection of the world."
  6. Yeah i worded that poorly, i apologize. Mostly I want to know about the nature of time. I'm still missing something. It's not a normal dimension. When i said move forward i meant in time. Times the only thing you CAN move forward in. Which is real not even forward, its just one way only. Poor word choice. In space any direction is forward, if that's the way your facing. Thanks for the responses. I got to sleep though. I look forward to going over them later.
  7. (The longest most insane scientific theory you'll ever read. I'm almost sorry about it.) Inside singularity energy was unified as one field/force. Following the big bang, first gravity manifested, then the strong force, the weak force, and finally the electromagnetic force. These all seem to me to define as spatial forces which can calculated using time-symmetric formulas. But as the universe expands, and the rate per square unit energy lever lowers further, logically couldn't a new force manifest? While a 5th spatial force would likely destroy the physical nature of our universe, why should there not be a time-like manifestion of force? Maybe even several? What if we never considered this because we ourselves are a force incarnent? Could life be a force? The culprit who broke the symmetry of time? I'm hypothesizing the life force split off the spatial forces and manifested when carbon began forming in stars. It doesn't bond the straight forward way in which hydrogen and helium do. Instead it bonds through a sympathetic resonance of sorts. To me, it looks like cooperation for mutual benefit and gained existence. Look how many life forms carbon went on to produce! Perhaps before carbon formation in stars hydrogen molecules had the luxury of moving forward and backward in time. Maybe this explains why the universe's composition was just right for life. Nothing aged, decayed, or annihilated until enough energy had been converted to mass in order to form a universe in which life could exist. Which implies even atoms have survival instincts, but they recognized their unity as the only means for their survival. It also implies the atoms are acting in a deterministic way to achieve a certain agreed upon goal. Which paradoxically means both fate AND free will exist. It's a kind New Age, universal consciousness take on the anthropic principle, which is technically correct, but also WILDLY EGOTISTIC not to mention speciest- just because animals lack the certain characteristic that collapses wave functions does not mean they're not conscious organisms that experience pain as we do- they deserve rights- particularly against factory farming. I'd like to point out that while a animal cannot collapse a wavefunction, a man made tool can. So somewhere around the time man began making tools, which probably coincided with the development of language, a SIXTH force manifested- one capable of imposing duality on unity. So when the bible says the first men lived to be 1000s of years old- maybe they actually did until enough waves collapsed for time to move at the rate we are familar with today. Which almost implies LANGUAGE is what collapses a wave, not observation. Perhaps linking the two concepts with the notion of cooperation for the greater good that carbon demonstrated in stars. Forgive me for being excessively poetic, but it appears they sang themselves into existence. They OBSERVED how the could benefit from COOPERATION and the used the LANGUAGE of vibration/sound/song to achieve these ends. "In the beginning was the word, and the word was with god, and the word was god." Vibration translated to word, while cooperative observation translated to god, or love. It took all 3 of these qualities to manifest the life in waves, logically you would need all 3 to collapse them. It just now occurs to me when language first developed, the universe was probably predominately wavelike in nature, and matter was less solid, as language and cooperation evolved far enough there was a higher particle ratio allowing for the production of tools- have you ever seen a monkey make a weapon? No. Because they lack something related to language and conscious, that we possess-my guess would be planning and acting by intuition rather than survival. So i suppose intuition, our gut feelings, and our truths in hearts is the key to our "higher power" or the force that will appear next. Id like to speculate it will be the force of the self. That everything has cooperated as one unit up to this point so that individuals might one day achieve the seemingly impossible task Jesus gave when he said: "know theyself." Because only once you know yourself can you experience freewill. Cause god loves us enough to give us free will. We owe all the elementary particles, atoms, and other universal building blocks love beyond compare. They sacrificed their freedom for 15 BILLION years so that we might know ourselves and be free. The strange quarks are adorable, I thought i was just personifying them when I started pretending to speak for them a couple of years back, me: "Law of attraction said ANYTHING i believe-i noticed strange quarks teleport-therefore so can I. If I'm nice to them maybe they'll tell me how." Somedays id personify magnetism, others singularity, or even ideas like karma. For whatever reason magnesium was untrustworthy and conspired against me. I didn't have friends. So i befriended creation. So of course i was talking to myself. I'm a undividable part of whole. I knew myself enough to achieve freedom, but in that growth no one else understood me, the lonliness was nearly fatal. Because the universe is loving cooperation, and it appears time can do whatever the heck it wants- a force of coincidental humor saved me. OH WOW TIME! is the true expression of love- it is not a preset arrow. It is constantly creating then sacrifices itself on our path to self knowledge, freedom, happiness, and many other joys to come. "But time! You'll never get to know yourself! How horrible!" "I'm you, dumbass. Your me. How easily you forget yourselfs!" Humans think we're so intellectually & genetically superior- i bet we're the ONLY species in the entire universe that can't remember our own selves- that forgot how to observe, cooperate, and communicate correctly for the greater good. Today we allow curropt leaders to tell us what our greater good is so we can comfortably hide from god-given universal freedom. And all those elementary particles have to wait on us...wait, no? Uhmk. WOW, start searching for yourself- its in how you see, interpret and treat the universe around you. I bet some people are thinking I'm a schizophrenic hippy, which is cool, it's true, my dream world spills into my "real" world. The universe is a wakeful dreamer. And if i was one of the last ones free i would die from embarassment. Last thing, the universe should gradually become more and more partically. Although since the particles are smart, compassionate, and cooperate for survival and growth, i bet our leading physists wont even notice (unfair to string theorist) So hopefully soon here we will have popped enough waves to incorporate the strange properties of nonlocality. I remember thinking, "sounds like telepathy to me," "sounds like time travel to me" Holy hell because duality isnt even the right word. I've been wondering lately what properties a collapsed particle would have- eternal spin. The first time i learned about quantum entanglement i thought "that sounds like real love to me" knowing another piece so intimately to always balance them without ever giving up yourself. Even when your seperated to great distances. Imagine being a free flowing wave, connected to all around you and something pops you into a isolated confined sphere- a human would likely shut down- the particle starts looking by spinning, which i assume results in the same sympathetic resonance formation as we saw with carbon. Because we are built from stuff that never gives up the fight ...for the freedom from self, which is also the freedom of self. All for the love of a paradox. Hah, i think quantum entangled particles are really making new waves. Because if I was allowed to mentally access the nonlocality of spacetime before we all do it together i would misuse it horribly, because i cant control my ego. BAH FINE. I recently got a fortune cookie which said you will write a book No kidding, guess that was a deterministic command, not a option of free will, that all just spilled..from me, through me, to me. I really should reover and edit it, but at some point if you want to be a honest person you have to stop editing yourself. Time is claiming to be both a dimension and a force. Whatever that means.
  8. When a mass is moving at high enough velocities, time slows down. Why is only forward slowing motion allowed through spacetime? I'm no mathematician but I thought Newton's & Einstein's equations were time reversible as a consequence of t^2 Wave functions in quantum mechanics evolve in a reversible deterministic manner unless a measurement alters the behavior irreversible. So if your spaceship had a invisibility cloak, no measuring devices, you wore a blindfold and somehow mastered a conscious telepathic connection to pilot the ship, could you travel the backwards arrow in time? If so would this only be measurable by a clock or would our pilot also actually age faster?
  9. theoretically speaking, what would hold the two holes together? Surely a singularity is inappropriate here, right? I thought whiteholes came into theory to account for the balance and opposites/complementarity inherent in the rest of the nature universe. So imagination came up with something that looked like a light cone double vortex, wormhole hybrid passageway, with a hollow passageway. (look into the vortex- a ying yang!) I've read a spinning singularity could create a passage way. How? By just rotating on its axis? Wouldnt it need to spin so hard it rotated OFF its axis with the mass forming a orbit loop so there is space to pass through? Once a singularity is formed how does energy leak out of it into that new universe? Are there other mechanisms that can allow this besides bangs? Could digital particles be created and escape singularity with no bang?
  10. Does it start spinning? If so, will it spin for all eternity if he gets to disoriented to teleport back out? Or will the vacuum drain him of his magnetness, leaving him demagnetized with new identity issues, but curing his bipolar disorder? (Personification tickles me, I apologize to anyone less amused.) Seriously, what's going to happen to my friend?
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