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  1. The perspective that life after God isn't real, and that all is just God's internal conflict feels like the necessary and helpful perspective, even though it's not a practical answer
  2. The presidency has already been claimed by a celebrity - Donald Trump - therefore it makes sense for Oprah to run
  3. I find the idea an emotional one. The idea of a chair containing a presidential election could save the universe.
  4. She seems down to earth, although I can't predict what her reaction would be to being asked to give piggybacks
  5. I like to think that reality has always just been its origin, and that contradiction has never been true, and that the way for the origin to find peace is for life in the universe to keep adopting the attitude that it doesn't exist
  6. I think that Oprah might as well run
  7. Would it help international relations, if US and North Korean delegates gave each other piggybacks at the next UN summit?
  8. In the future, it seems logical that the past will become alive. Individual events from history will gain consciousness
  9. Can intrusive thoughts - unwanted thoughts - suffer from constipation?
  10. Space is in-between. In-between is internal. Internal is less power. Less power would imply that space doesn't conduct anything
  11. Is it possible, for a movement or a public to demolish the White House, Capitol Hill and the Pentagon?
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