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  1. Virtual Particle Pair Production Methodology

    I believe you can have a static electric point charge with no magnetic field, as well as a stationary magnetic current with no electrical field. Maxwell's equations for electric and magnetic fields treat them as independent entities. Additional to the above, it appears magnetic monopoles are currently under serious investigation. http://www.nature.com/news/2009/090903/full/news.2009.881.html http://science.sciencemag.org/content/340/6136/1076 https://www.nature.com/articles/nature12954 Orthorotation is simply short for orthagonal rotation. It is a transformation of diametrically opposed force vectors that I am applying to self-cancelling electromagnetic fields.
  2. Virtual Particle Pair Production Methodology

    The actual term "orthorotation" is used in reference to 90 rotation of multidimensional spaces. One example would be production of a scalar electrostatic potential. In this sense, it is not the same as a phase shft. While electricity and magnetism are functionally related, as you state, they also can exist independently of each other. For example, electrets and permanent magnets. Irrespective of these points, I am unsure why my inquiry can not be addressed as stated, or how to explain it more clearly.
  3. Virtual Particle Pair Production Methodology

    My current thinking is as follows. Orthorotation of an electric field produces a magnetic field. I am suggesting that orthorotaion of a magnetic field similarly producesa higher order effect. The cause of this orthorotation would be "cancellation" of equal and opposite EM field vectors, for example within counter-wound torioidal windings. The resulting higher order effect, being a potential within a virtual domain, would involve the same virtual particles that mediated the EMF's prior to their cancellation. But these particles have presumeably now acquired properties different from those that simply mediate a conventional EM field. I am inquiring as to what these different properties might be, and how they are conditioned by the above cancellation process.
  4. Virtual Particle Pair Production Methodology

    I did not mean to refer to other dimensions as separate "universes". Perhaps this impression was given by the wording of my original question. Please allow me to rephrase it as follows. What if any virtual particle interactions may be postulated to occur in association with an electromagentic field when that field is cancelled by an equal and opposite EMF? One more. Can this cancellation of EMF's result in stress or virtual potentials within the vacuum?
  5. Virtual Particle Pair Production Methodology

    My previous post should have read "information-containing". Do you want evidence of the super-string theory? Can you explain quantum entanglement using Newtonian physics? Some researchers do take extra dimensions seriously. https://www.nature.com/articles/nature25011
  6. Virtual Particle Pair Production Methodology

    What I am referring to is the effect upon electrons that are producing an EMF when that EMF is cancelled through vector opposition. There are a number of "background field" theories such as this one. http://journaloftheoretics.com/Articles/1-5/Calvet BF final.htm If you are inclined not to accept the existence of more than three informating-containing dimensions, then we may not be able to come to an understanding.
  7. Virtual Particle Pair Production Methodology

    Yes, but my orignal question related to linear transformations. In particular 4D being an orthagonal projection of 3D. The product has been described as a spin 2 scalar. According to some theories, this relates to interdependency of background and EM fields. My proposition is that virtual photon pairs would be produced as a result of the extinguishment of EMF. This may equate to a stress wave in spacetime. I am simply looking for some general feedback along these lines.
  8. Virtual Particle Pair Production Methodology

    As a general reference, Einstein wrote in his autobiography (Section2) that Minkowski “showed that the Lorentz- transformation {. . . } is nothing but a rotation of the coordinate system in the four-dimensional space." This relates to the quadratic form of Lorenz transformations. Further details below. https://en.wikisource.org/wiki/Translation:The_Fundamental_Equations_for_Electromagnetic_Processes_in_Moving_Bodies https://physics.stackexchange.com/questions/287301/why-can-a-lorentz-transformation-be-interpreted-as-a-rotation-in-4d The underlying propostion of my orignal question was that rotation into 4D space may occur as instances of 3D vector cancellation. I wanted to understand how this might occur in a laboratory situation.
  9. Virtual Particle Pair Production Methodology

    EM vector cancellation within toroidal windings is an established principle. My question related to how this, or a similar effect, might be employed to produce virtual particles. I beleive the connection between rotation and higher dimensions of space was referred to by Einstein in relation to velocity. Perhaps you would be so kind as to explain what part of this you think this is "crackpot", and why. Then I can better evaluate my original premise of pair production..
  10. Virtual Particle Pair Production Methodology

    As I understand. this refers to an engineered 90 degree rotation away from 3D space. For example, by aligning anti-phase EM fields such that they "cancel. to zero". This might be achieved in a counterwound toroid or similar. The inference seems to be that the applied force would thereby translate into a state that is virtual but contains an operator based upon the dynamics of the originating EMF's.
  11. Are there any low energy options for translation of electrical current into virtual particle pairs? I have seen references to orthorotation within zero sum vector coils. plasma and UV light, but can find no detail on the methodology used. Any insight on this, or the process in general, would be most appreciated.