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  1. The direction on magnetism either flows around its current or with it. Both can be measured; both can accommodate quantization. Only the latter provides logical reasons for forces on conductors, induction and more, whereas the former was, is, and must remain abstract to help prevent the embodiment of Space. NEITHER CAN BE DISPROVED therefore there is now a fundamental fork on science road, indeed a schism point.
  2. Its uncanny how all the gravity creationists from Newton to Hawking pretty much ignore magnetism. B4 Copernicus every astronomer was wrong and B4 ‘Physics Illusions and Revolution’ every book, electromagnetic professor teacher or theorist including Hawkins and Feynman is wrong simply because magnetism flows parallel to its current and not as all illogically held, encircling it. A current coil spins its magnetism so what is spinning? Embodied Space is an anathema to the chosen few.