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  1. Could you guys please help me?

    Thanks, I already found the answers, I was reading a book, but It was extremely confusing. I had to reread the thing like 20 times to completely understand it. In the last one I think the correct answer is the chlorine channel regulated by AMPc
  2. Could you guys please help me?

    Couldnt find the edit option, I made an error with my possible answer on the first one, huge typo on the cellphone sorry. My possible answer on the first one is A, read alot and pretty sure thats the correct one, but I´m still confused
  3. 1) Neurons propagate signals in the form of action potentials that are mediated by: a.- Na + channels regulated by voltage that open in response to membrane depolarization b.- K + channels regulated by voltage coupled to neurotransmitters c.- Ca ++ channels that connect electrical signals to chemical d.- Chlorine channels regulated by voltage My possible answer for this one is b or d. What I read was very confusing 2) Which of these molecules do not intervene in the Krebs cycle: a.- Acetyl CoA B.- Pyruvate c.- FAD d.- NAD my possible answer on this one is pyuvate because thats the result of the glycolysis 3) It is a ligand responsible for the opening of ion channels in the neuromuscular plate a.- adrenaline b.- acetylcholine c.- sodium d.- calcium My possible answer here is acetylcholine 4) Cystic fibrosis is a serious hereditary disease in which there is: a.- mutation of the genes that code for ABO surface ag b.- mutation of the genes that encode the proteins that make up the cell's crust c.- mutation in the genes that encode the proteins that make up the ion channels d.- mutation in the ligand that regulates the opening of Ca ++ channels 5) In the previous case the CTFR protein works as: a.- Calcium channel regulated by cyclic AMP b.- Channel of k + regulated by cyclic AMP c.- Na + / K + pump d.- Chlorine channel regulated by cAMP im completely lost with the last 2. If you guys have a good article or book I could check out please let me know thanks