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  1. Well, at the end of days, a mock up of Jesus’ death will occur... fulfilling his project of the temple stones of Jerusalem 12:00am midnight (possibly 2021 red horse) to what began as the pauedomark of the beast (Ronald6Wilson6Reagan6) inflation and debt skyrocketing... 3:00am-3:00pm symbolizes the frozen world, when $ would fail in value due to government debt. Black horseman scales were foretelling of the value inflated, finally pale green$ loses all value and that is when a global currency adopted to symbolize those who are still of “value”... New World Order and the United States is no long
  2. Time dilation kabbalistic lore holds the metatron as the scribe of history and other sources state he as the voice of God. When we break down meta to (beyond) and tron to(electronic) we may find a more advanced version of the type 1 civilization communication system we call the internet. Being the voice of God specifically states the voice of the whole planetary organism... Just like Israel to Is real pentacle to atom symbol...All are chosen...
  3. Could a state of electromagnetic Super symmetry encapsulation occur that allows for equal exchange of force? A state of energy that exists where space bubbles/leaks into it instead of the opposite way around. When space opens/dilates the state of electromagnetic energy converges in the dilation. A “warp” vector occurs where no energy is transferred but “attained.” Sorry, can’t seem to explain this thought so well... in short any information on s-t foam would be great....
  4. stating that the occurence is happening all in the same space instead of what I was saying when the “white hole” opens up in space... scalar field within scalar field spin 0 coordinates... thanks
  5. ---- Please excuse my ignorance but I’m what you would call a mathematical illiterate. For a while now, I have pondered upon the origin and Big Bang of the Coamic egg and each time I perceive before rapid inflation, a white holes creation. This white hole being dense warped space and time ... Dark Matter was also encapsulated at cosmic origin, and unlike the white hole, sealed by an super symmetric electro magnetism... the fields of dark matter and the white hole converge and repulse each other spawning Dark Energy... Not only is it an expanse of space but the entropy of white hole energy
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