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  1. Science and the Uni- multiverse (whichever you prefer)

    Thank you for answering, Sir.
  2. Science... I am lost...

    Yes, anti-science indeed is all but science. But the initial question remains, how to filter out right from wrong... Lately, good Sir, things become quite gray, where it used to be black or white (sort of speech). What is right to look into... and what to ignore? Thank you for answering, Sir.
  3. Science... I am lost...

    Erm.. either you missed my request, or you are trolling me, which is it?
  4. Science... I am lost...

    With more and better worldwide communication, comes a lot of "anti-science science". Some more ludicrous than others (think of the Niburu hoax, or the "flat earthers", ...) Some, like the Niburu collision course with Earth and whatnot cause quite a panic with some, and I consider this anti-science science to be very dangerous, for various reasons. But, then there are these odd ones, which I have quite a bit of difficulty believing whether these are true or not. To name one: the Atamac Creature; A 13cm tall humanoid, which was around 7 years young at the time of it's death, lacking ANY known form that could explain it's incredible small size (dwarfism, progeria, ...), having quite a bit of unknown biological material in it's DNA. This remains was under investigation by several high placed individuals, and to be found reel. However, around 2014, all further research in this topic was silenced, it was "debunked" by total morons (one claiming it was a toy, go figure, and this fella called himself a DOCTOR in the field of biology) as well as by more believable people claiming it to be entirely human by all means, where other evenly believably people say they cannot figure out what precisely this thing is, or where it originates from. With all information being spawned on the internet, which am i still to believe (not speaking of the obvious stuff, of course), and which not? Here's another one: the mega structures like Machu Piccu and Sacsayhuaman (South America), , the GhizaValley Temple and Luxor Temple (also Egypt), and several more across the world. Despite they all using the very same manner of lego building and using metal locking systems (which even are exactly the same over all these monuments), the entire geological community INSISTS these have absolutely NOTHING to do with one another, they are completely unrelated in any a form. If we calculate the probability of these actually being unrelated while checking the similarities between them, as well as their location and the time in which these were build, the outcome to the equation would be... well, fairly small, where very small is probably a hyperbole on itself. Begs the question... why do they deny this? They see themselves as 'scientists', but they cannot ever explain why these structures are so extremely similar, and yet completely unrelated to one another. Seeing all these oddities... what am I still to believe, and what not? As things no longer seem to be defined as "true or false".... Ben
  5. Science: The intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behaviour of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment. Philosophy: The study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence, especially when considered as an academic discipline. Or: A theory or attitude that acts as a guiding principle for behaviour To me: Question science by simple to the point logic. There are numerous "flaws" in science, that absolutely make no sense, but which hold the key to become a completely NEW theory. Note, I am more than aware of different scientific equations that tell us this and so, however, being a philosopher, I dare thinking outside the box and ignore these THEORETICAL ideas, called laws. We all know that THEORY and REALITY often do not see things eye to eye, in some cases even contradict one another completely. Besides, many of these (if not all) laws are already overthrown in Quantum Mechanica, so sue me. Now, I am not here to force ANYONE into a theory, I am here to learn, by asking the questions that fuels my philosophy. Do not throw these theoretical equations at me, but explain it from a logical point of view, in layman's terms. thank you. 1) Black Holes and Photons. 1 a)In layman's terminology: Black Holes attract simply though gravity. Is this correct? 1 B)Gravity can ONLY be applied to ANYTHING containing mass, but NOT to anything that is massless. Is this correct? If both statements are correct, then photons, or light... has mass. Correct? If not, please explain. 2) CERN and the Speed of Light: We all know that CERN operates their machine at near the speed of light. Correct? 2 a) Speed and mass: Basically, once the speed of light has been reached, mass would become 'indefinite'. Correct? Particles are being fired at 99.999% the speed of light through these tiny pipes, but despite travelling near the speed of light, they are been kept in their track. If the above rule was fact, these would have torn a massive hole in these pipes, not to mention Earth, as the mass of these would be extremely high, TOO high to be contained as per in Cern? By my approximate guess, the mass of these particles would be, say, about a few 100 times the mass of say VY Canis Majoris, if the ruling indeed was correct. And my estimated guess is even LOW, seeing as per the rule, mass would be indefinitely? 2 b)Speed of light and perception: If one sees a light from a stationary point, we perceive light as just that, as per it's definition. If this was seen at the speed of light, it would be perceived as standing still. Going faster as light, would be perceived as going backwards in time. However... It is all PERCEPTION, and just that messes with our heads, no? What we PERCEIVE is therefore not the absolute truth. Light travels 8 minutes from the sun to Earth. Let me travel at 8 times the speed of light, would I end up at the Big Bang? No, I would be travelling as per normal travel, needing 1 minute to reach Earth. But... As we pass light by 8 times it's speed, we would see and think we'd be going back in time, while in fact, time would simply continue to tick of the sixty seconds needed to make the journey. More, imagine, one could communicate instantly with Earth during this trip, the converstation would continu normally throughout the 60 seconds, it would not begin to speak backwards or so... This would undo that rule as well. 2 c)Also, if my theory about photons having mass is correct... we'd be in a universe of trouble, seeing the rule about speed of light and mass. We'd be bombed by photons having unseen, or literally INFINITE mass continuously. 3) Speed of light is an exact value. The speed of light is 299,792,458 mps. It is assumed by all, this is the definite speed of light. 3 a)I agree... from our point of perception. From what I gather, time is relative, it has no specific 'time elapse' as gravity for instance has an effect on time. This is acknowledged by all. Then... how can the absolute speed of light be... 299,792,458 mps? If TIME is not a solid, exact principle or amount of time, then how can SPEED be? On Earth, where we have 1 G, a second is just that, a second or 1000 milliseconds. But this VERY SAME SECOND on Jupiter (2.46G, or 2.46 times our gravity on Earth) would be slightly longer. The lower the gravity, the faster time ticks away, the higher the gravity, the longer a second would last. Correct? Thus, the speed of light seen from Jupiter... would no longer be 299,792,458 mps...? No? 3 b)If the above statement is correct, we have a serious problem. Combine this with my theory that photons DO have mass, no matter how puny it may be, we run quite a problem, as light then would be prone to alteration in speed. If an enormous mass can bend the direction of light, it could also then slow, or speed up this photon. Making the SPEED as well relative to itself. Thus, we got us a handfull of issues. Or have i missed something? Thank you for bearing with me, and thank you for the answers, should someone be kind enough to reply to my post...