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  1. Laws of perception

    Hey guys what is you opinion on this: Perception what is it? It is the way we view things, the reason some people can learn better than others because they perceive it worth learning where as others do not so they will put less effort to the task and are less likely to remember what it is they are learning. perception is what makes us able to view the world and see things as we do but what would it be like without perception? Maybe it would be a world without mental barriers like seeing everything as a blank canvas and just being able paint anything any time. Maybe the reason people can… say do advanced math in their heads because they can perceive it not as a sum but as a puzzle and by using this view they are more likely to find the answer because they are more able to visualize it in different ways? What if then by this theory it means perception has some sway over this world but is effected by factors such as time and gravity but not others like distance because we put barriers around a space and call the thing inside distance but and use metaphorical items like cm and inches to describe it but that is just looking at a small factor of a larger whole. What if the reason our civilizations are still warring is because people don’t accept other perceptions so they try to force theirs on others. Or is perception a way people cope with things they cannot comprehend so they use their brains to create or take on another perception in which the problem is in some way explained such as our creation so people perceive religion as the answer but others perceive evolution as the reason? Perceiver = Anything that has a perception There can be perceptions within perception. For example, distance as I explained earlier is a perception but it works within others like science and religion Laws of perception Law 1. The perception depends on the perceiver Law 2. Without a perceiver, there cannot be perception Law 3. Perception can only be effected by three things; Time, Laws of motion, and limits of the perceiver. Law 4. Perceptions can cross connect with other perceptions as long as the perceiver perceives it.