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  1. Why do you Yawn? No one can ever give me a definite answer.
  2. Why are men attracted to breasts?

    It is cultural. If everyone in a culture covered up their hands, hands would become sexually attractive. Personally, I have never thought as breasts as attractive.
  3. Homosexual Gene?

    You are right mokele (sp?). I am no expert on genetics, although it does interest me. What I was trying to point out is that saying that someone was "born" homosexual sounds kinda silly doesn't it. I think that it is more based on your environment, your experiences, and your upbringing, but who knows. It is indeed plausable that there could be a gene that makes men attracted to other men. I don't know.
  4. Music: What gets you rockin?

    Amen, Justice. I am in Ninth grade, my music tastes have finally evolved.
  5. Music: What gets you rockin?

    Everything that you just listed I dislike.
  6. Music: What gets you rockin?

    I am into Goth-Rock, and 70's Punk.
  7. Homosexual Gene?

    I developed my homosexuallity, so I really doubt that there is any kind of gene.
  8. Forms of Government