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  1. The interesting thing is: I am very creatively minded, and very analytical. I am a semi-professional pianist and I have written three pieces one of which I performed at the theater in my town, and I greatly enjoy music. But at the same time I am very analytical when it comes to study, I love complexity, if you look at the list of music I like (Megadeth, Cynic, Yngwie Malmsteem, the list goes on) you'd notice that I appear to be obsessed with complexity. I don't know, something that isn't easily done or figured out just intrigues me. And STEM subjects are really easy for me for one reason: They work off common formulas as math is the basis of physics, physics is the basis of chemistry, and chemistry is the basis of biology. As such you'll find that oftentimes one field's formulas, rationale and finer points are very similar to another's. And since I love studying things in my free time on Khan Academy and other websites as well as through the usage of my more than adequate library of physics and chemistry textbooks (Courtesy of my father's university days) I am a little bit ahead in those subjects. That being said, I don't like it when I get hung up on an English paper, it freaks me out because then I don't feel like I'm accomplishing anything. I feel like I used to when I used to screw around and not pay attention in school, when my life was screwed up as hell. I guess my real question is: How the hell do I get through this let alone college when I can't seem to manage to get through an English paper without being exasperated. Weird thing is, I love science papers, and reading books like the 2008 emergency response guidebook for hazmat. I live near Andalusia. Interesting coincidence.
  2. Hi, so I am reading Ballad of the White Horse by G.K. Chesterton, Love the book, but why do I have to write a paper on an epic poem when I can already write well enough to get A's in my english class? I'm not thinking about pursuing writing as a career. I'm thinking about doing nuclear engineering. I mean I kinda don't get very much from the class, but it's required. Not only that, but the class actually detracts from my education because I have less time to study math and science which are far more difficult and technical. That and I am pulling my hair out because my teacher wants me to use very specific parts of the poem.... Which raises the question: Why isn't this just a test? And the other question: why is writing considered so important even for the people that are going straight into science, and why is it a requirement even in college? What makes the english language that important? It isn't communication because we practice that nearly every second of our lives, so what is it? Is it one of those things where someone in the 1860's hated their life so much they wanted to make everyone else's hell? This class is making me want to drop out.... I won't but I want to. Help me figure out how to actually do this because frankly I am procrastinating on this, and I NEVER procrastinate on school stuff, like my friends say I'm like an Asian because of how hard I work on all my school stuff.
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