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  1. On point 5, It has been firmly suggested previously, I must find a way to experimentally validate the idea, If red shift variation is present then an iterative approach to test the initial premise may have legs. On point 3, space can contract but in the absence of mediators it will expand. That is why at the outer reaches of the observable universe there is acceleration of expansion. The lower density favors space's fundamental nature i.e. Kind of gets rid of the need to worry about dark energy. On point 4, sorry I was not clear in my thoughts, my comments on point 3 explains the dark energy bit. As for dark matter I see it as part what real matter does to space in mediating it's nature. On point 6, firstly at least I have an experiment and if correct it can be fed back into my initial proposition/thought experiment. Secondly I am on this forum to test and share my ideas. I acknowledged at the outset in my first post. 'Apologies if I'm an idiot. Thoughts?'' So if my ideas are of any worth, at least I am in the fortunate position in terms of financial capability and time to collaborate with someone who has appropriate mathematical talent, and is interested in adding to humanities collective knowledge. Lastly does anyone know if there has been a study done on red shift variation on a within a distant galaxy?
  2. Guys please forgive me for my inability to use the correct language. 1. I contend space - the universes expansion is not causal but fundamental. 2. in turn the notion of dark energy and matter become moot as fundamental aspects of our universe and space time, their nature are outputs or observable consequensus. 3 Space just wants to expand, it is true to what it is. 4. Gravity and it’s absence are called dark energy and dark matter. The ultimate moderator of Space’s nature, which is to expand. 5. My test as a preliminary indicator of this hypothesis is to look for differences in red shift in a galaxies centre versus the outer regions demonstrating that the expansion is moderated by mass/gravity. 6. Since space time is multidimensional the mathematics will show this hypothesis validates the fact that space is increasing its expansion at an increasing rare which is inversely proportional to the average density of the universe at its margins.
  3. Because I think that mas is a moderator of space expansion, so the middle of a red shifted galaxy will have a slightly less red shift that the edge where there is less mass. Don’t have the tools to quantify, but measuring it will allow an iterative input to the general idea. Also empty space is a vey busy place at a quantum level.
  4. Suppose a starting point to test my idea is to do some analysis of the red shift of very distant galaxies. If my ideas are correct the red shit will be less in the middle of the distant galaxy compared to the outer extremities.
  5. Thank you. I Thought Planck time is no longer 'divisible'. Planck space expansion will expand in quanta (when its found). Perhaps quantum vacuum energy and fundamental expansion of Space Time is a way to 'allocate entropy' in a quantum vacuum?
  6. Theory is a strong word, Its an Idea. But for what its worth, I think it can help explain the direction of time, an after state of space time can be modeled - an expanded universe of equivalent of the unknown inside of a black hole. I dont have the skills to develop the math, the Quantum expansion of space being fundamental, is not really on many peoples radar. I would like to collaborate with people to see if there is merit to my thoughts.
  7. Expansion of Space Time is fundamental to its nature. It expands in quanta. se =Space Expansion, pt =Planck's Time and ps =Planck's Space (defined as the minimum increment by which space time can expand) Dark energy and Dark matter dont exist. The ratio de/dm is a constant. Mass 'moderates' se defining the geometry of space time gravity is described as g ='mass moderation' of Apologies if I'm an idiot. Thoughts?
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