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  1. I wrote a book about gravity and want to share it with you and get your feedback. This book considers mechanics of gravity based on the Theory of Everything, which was written some time ago but did not get a lot of attention because it was based solely on logic and not mathematical formulas, so I decided to write a few of descriptions of various phenomena so it becomes more conformant to scientific work. Also there is considered resolution of wave-particle duality, and some other stuff. The book is available here: url deleted It has explanation of phenomena which current physics cannot explain, like rotation of the Moon and some others. Thanks for you comments.
  2. Hi Guys, I wrote research (actually just a bit completed it, since it is based on enormous previous scientific research) which I call 'Knowledge of Everything', what means that it represents complete basic physical knowledge about the Universe, which was just released to public several days ago. Unfortunately the book is written not in English but there's short introduction in English which explains core stuff and one/several evenings by reading short several pages description should be enough to basically understand it. It includes: - Explanation of gravitation and notes about its unification with other forces (with more complete description at the full book). - Resolution of wave-particle duality. - The Law of the Universe. And lots of other stuff. Links deleted Enjoy!