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  1. Energy Conversion

    Yes thanks a ton
  2. Energy Conversion

    What exactly do you mean by "you cannot remove PE from something and expect no change in that something " ? @Studiot . Would you kindly explain more? it was helpful @ Strange . Any other non-mechanical ways you know or can think of (theoretically or practically) Thanks J.C.MacSwell, your post got me thinking (not exactly what I was searching for but it stirred up some useful ideas)
  3. Energy Conversion

    That makes a lot of sense- thank you very much. Nevertheless, I'm searching for something more. It's really hard to express what I have in mind but I'd try and explain. springs perform the energy conversion naturally- by that I mean they are more or less like rubber bands. what I'm searching for is something like a kinetic energy battery that provides kinetic energy simply because it possesses potential energy. Something that kinda defies inertia coz it won't need an external force to move as it would simply convert it's potential energy (which in this case is not elastic potential energy like that found in springs and bands) to kinetic energy. Don't know if that makes any sense but I hope you guys here could help me out.
  4. Energy Conversion

    Is there a device (electronic/mechanical or otherwise) that can actually convert potential energy to kinetic energy? And I mean, one that carry out such conversion as efficiently as a battery converts chemical energy to electrical energy. And I'm not referring to natural conversion like what happens in a spring when it is stretched and released (stored potential energy becoming kinetic energy and all) I'm referring to man made conversion of potential energy to kinetic energy so...any ideas? Or do such devices exist already?