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  1. I've forgot some, CO2 , propane gas, MnO2 ... NaHSO4, that's used for pools Ca(NO3)2, in garden stores, mixed with paraffin, as a fertilizer for CaC2 and NaI/KI, I'm not sure where I can get them... I've found hexamine and magnesium metal at the canadian tire
  2. toluene xylene sodium/potassium benzoate acetic acid (60%) NaHSO4 HCl H2SO4 KCl urea sodium carbonate methyl alcohol KNO3 Ca(NO3)2 alum mercurochrome solution methylene blue solution ammonium carbonate H2O2 (3-35%) CaCl2 aluminium (paper, powder...) iron (nails, steel wool...) copper (wires, pipe...) zinc (nails...) nickel gold silver lead (impure fishing leads...) calcium carbide sodium/potassium iodide calcium hypochlorite boric acid iodine tincture sodium carbonate sulfur ethyl alcohol ammonia trisodium phosphate americium?? (salts or metal??) potassium ferrocyanide silver nitrate sugar starch there is a lot more...
  3. so, I know that sodium methoxide can be prepared by reacting sodium metal, hydride, amide or hydroxide. what about Na2CO3?
  4. blackout

    Men Not Included!

    Yes! even if its a boy or a girl, a father is as important as a mother. lesbians, maybe, but the child would not have a father. I'm 15 years old, and I would not have two mothers or two fathers, I (and every childs, teen...) should have the right equilibrium, a mother and a father, that whats I have also. For me, having not the right equilibrium, I would call that, as in chemistry, an energetic material, unstable, as nitro or even more like nitrogen triiodide... Alex
  5. Does a CO2 atmospher is good for this purpose? What is the temperature that this happen? Thanks.
  6. chloroacetic acid, pinacol...
  7. I believe this could work but I don't know at what temperature (I believe that is pretty high). 4 Na3PO4 + 5 C ---> P4 + 5 CO2 + 6 Na2O Does someone know other reactions, easier?
  8. I agree with you, not all the jews died in the gas chambers, I believe that a rather big quantity died in trains or in work camps (they haven't eat enough etc.).
  9. Taiwan separation is legitimate cause China is communist (I hate them also) and Taiwan people don't want to be communist.
  10. H2SO4 will be better than HCl if you distill the bromine cause H2SO4 won't come with Br2
  11. my teacher has named one from his name, the Besnerium!
  12. so, use 25% H2SO4, 3% H2O2, NaBr and a simple distillation setup... add slowly the H2SO4.
  13. hey, look here: http://www.sciencemadness.org/talk/viewthread.php?tid=606 NaBr, H2O2 and H2SO4, simple!
  14. You can isolate the radical of a salt by it's oxidation. For example, dissolve NaBr in hydrogen peroxide dans add some conc. sulfuric acid. The reaction will be exothermic. A distillation setup can be used. For isolating I2 from KI, you could use HCl...
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