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  1. Need opinion on project

    I agree the project looks like it came out of a 3 year olds mouth. My reults are: 250 million pounds ( to launch ) 500 million pounds to create a satalite in the first place plus an extra 120 million with all extra features to it 24 hour monitoring will cost around 600 k plus a suitabale buliding that sustains the people monitoring plus all equipment another 400 million. I know it sounds absurd and if i look at it properly it seems even more absurd.
  2. Need opinion on project

    I know the calculations and have taken in consideration: prices, fuel, materials, people and organizations But this is a beta project i am just taking opinions and how to improve
  3. Need opinion on project

    Hello, i am a scientist working for a goverment organization on producing new energy sources for the planet. I had to come up with the project to produce electricity. I have one idea but i am not so sure if it will work. Everybody knows about the solar pannel and how the absorb solar energy. But our planets weather doesnt always allow this. But what if we sent satellites that have solar pannels that absorb the energy from the son and stores it. Then when the storage is full the satellite would come down and another wold take its place. I do understand how much money this would cost and that it very expensive but please comment.
  4. Hello there, the coriolis effect is quite simple if you Know the basic. The Coriolis effect is to do with the the direction of the wind not the speed. So the colriolis effect really just means that it affects the way the direction in which the wind travels. I hope i was usefull