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  1. Excellent. Thank you.
  2. This is basically a true or false statement. If it is false, I am supposed to rewrite a correct statement: Osmosis will not take place if a dead cell is placed in a solution hyotonic to its contents. I am aware of what osmosis is and I also know that a cell in hypotonic solution will expand due to the lower solute concentration outside of the cell. However, I am not aware if dead cells are able to go through osmosis nor can I find information regarding dead cells and osmosis anywhere. Thanks for any help
  3. Well, my the hypothesis I wrote down was definitely silly but he also asked "Based on your results, what might your revised hypothesis be?" and All I really noticed in the results was the difference in cell shape... and I'm not really sure how to produce a new and better hypothesis out of those results. Thanks so much for giving a clear answer on the distinction between hypotheses/prediction.
  4. Okay. In that case if a prediction is a specific outcome, I would think that the size of my cheek cells would be the prediction and the other part would be the hypothesis. I can't come up with a good hypothesis however and that might be adding to my confusion of the whole thing. This is my first bio lab so I haven't actually learned any reasons why cells of a certain species may vary from another species. Any help on that would be great as well. Anyway, am I correct on the prediction/hypothesis distinctions now?
  5. If I were to do Benedict's test would glucose or maltose be present in any of these: cheddar cheese, ground chicken, potato chips, and chocolate milk. Thanks for any help!
  6. This is probably so simple that I am overlooking it. I am having a problem with hypotheses and predictions. I have read multiple definitions of the 2 and have went through various examples and I feel silly that I am unsure how to identify a hypothesis and a prediction. Here is my question: Which part of this exercise is the hypothesis and which part is the prediction. And here is the excercise: My cheek cells will be ________ (larger/smaller/same size) compared to grasshopper testis cells. The reason I think this is because _________. I was thinking that the size of the cheek cells would be the hypothesis and the because part would be the prediction.... however, every example of a hypothesis and prediction I have reviewed is in an entirely different format. I understand that a hypothesis is an educated answer to a question. The questions was : are human cells bigger or smaller than the cells of other animals? Sorry if this has an obvious answer. I think I am stressing it to much. It also asks: based on your results, what might your revised hypothesis be? This is the part that confuses me. Why would the teacher care what the revised hypothesis is if it is as simple as changing an answer from larger to smaller, etc. It is this part of the question that makes me think I've got it all wrong. Thanks for any help.
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