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  1. I read the first book when it first came out in 1996 and they're much, MUCH better than the show. Anyone who thinks Jon and Danaerys are going to live happily ever after making little Targ babies hasn't been paying attention. The show is an entertaining diversion, but the last few seasons are nothing but fanfiction--the showrunners apparently have scoured every fansite looking for ideas, trying to please mostly the show-only fans. In the books, the situation is much more complicated. They've killed off characters who are very much alive in the books and haven't even included several.
  2. First post here. Not yet, although the day is probably coming when it will be illegal to drive your own car as soon as they work out all the bugs and the accident rate drops to near zero. We have self-driving Uber cars here. One of them was involved in an accident a few days ago, although the driver was in full control of the car at the time. When Google was testing the technology , they had a lot of problems because our lanes are not well marked and the sensors couldn't pick up on them.
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