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  1. thax man. did help me a lottt. had to write an essay about the neural map in the brain their form and function one more thing ... how many maps are there in total in th brain? i did find three of 'em retinotopic and auditory space tonotopic and the homunculus. do each sensory organs have a different map. thax again .. the webpage and info were of great help
  2. am doing an project on the neural map in the brain. i am not sure wot to include in my topic. do i start off writing something about nervous system then move to the brains and the nerves. and by the neural map wot does it relaly mean. does it mean the way all the nerves work . i did a bit of research but wasnt able to find much on the topics. ayone with any knowledge about the topic please help meee....
  3. i have an 30 % assignmet due on "neural map in the human brain." i did a lot of research but am still confused about the topic. there wasnt much about neural maps in the books nor on the net. if ya know anything about the topic pleaseeee help me .. wot do i write about. do i include the part of the brain and thier function and the nerves in the brain that help perform its funtion.. please anyonee helpp me outtt...... pleaseee
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