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  1. I have to go. I just realized I was banned here at an earlier date.
  2. Science cannot even prove that the speed of light (the measure of time) is constant from beginning to end. Every scientific observation is based on 2 time-clocks: the span of a human-being's scientific experience, and the written accounts. Yet you only accept the written accounts of scientific decisions. That's what they are--decisions. If this isn't so, then tell me how you know the speed of light from it's origin to the present time and place. Nonsense. To any reasonable person. Fact, by definition, is proven, not apparent. This is a public forum for dis
  3. The problem with so-called "facts," in science, is that science is a community, that jointly accepts *evidence* (not proof), as fact; the only facts that are truly proven, are events having already occurred. For example, there's no guarantee that any certain community will not be attacked tomorrow. Yet if a national informer were to report to a primary officer of such planned attack, it would be considered strongly. Such tactics are wise, and based on knowing. Yet the scientific community does not ever take human testimony as evidence, because evidence isn't proof. If a trusted frie
  4. It seems clearly that there is never a unit of nature, whether natural or "supernatural," that is perfectly symmetric, and that every unit of nature is perfectly asymmetric. Earth is a semi-symmetrical unit. Earth, moon and sun are a common unit. Earth, moon, "planets," sun and stars are another natural unit. Everything lacks perfect symmetry, and mandates perfect asymmetry. Regions of the seas appear at times to be ungoverned, but are clearly of one surface with the rivers and water tables, modulated by the ebb and flow of those rivers, and by the water tables under the earth, and by the
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