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  1. Sorry, I got the wrong thread earlier, you wanted me to get papers for you. What exactly do you understand about the term ''spacetime distortion?''
  2. It is argued in this [very] short paper (almost too short to take seriously in a way) an argument that the Newtonian G can be replaced for the Planck length. http://vixra.org/pdf/1710.0315v1.pdf Dimensionally, the equation stands up, what about the physical meaning? This is no less an attempt to quantize G in such a way that it conforms with modern Planck scale physics. Of course, assume we are working in the Planck space, then the curvature also has to satisfy Planckian dynamics. Of course, I have found my own ways to deal with this - the quantum vacuum is about non-commutativity and this can be fully expressible through the spacetime uncertainty relation, in which it is a reinterpretation of the usual energy-time uncertainty. That relationship holds as [math]R_{\mu \nu} \geq \frac{1}{\ell^2}[/math] The paper is too short in my opinion to be classed as a true ''study'' into how Planck dynamics should enter general relativity. It feels more theoretical than anything based on experimental physics.
  3. The probability amplitude wrote down before is incomplete: [math] < m \cdot \sigma|n\cdot \sigma> [/math] you square for probability obviously.
  4. You wanted me to find paper on why energy causes spacetime to distort, but you are asking why it distorts, yes?
  5. With a good moral compass you will reap what you sow. Enlightenment is a number of topics in my opinion. It is to create a healthy state not just in our minds but also our surroundings.
  6. Yes I will look for material for you and will post it up today or tomorrow.
  7. We are in fact talking about how long radiation has to be smeared over space due to inflation. In my opinion, there is conflicting evidence in cosmology about what all seems to indicate, an age discrepancy.
  8. Total inner peace relies on (self-reliance) and (spiritual guidence) ... [only through] a coherent set of beliefs that cause or create a situation in inner peace is justified through the moral act. without moral act in an individual, there is no concern about others, let alone yours.
  9. Except for one exception... I think there are fundamental reasons why the stress energy tensor should vanish for point particles. I am beginning to wonder whether this is true for a divergence problem solution, that is, infinities could be avoided if (and only if) we reverse the relativistic rules. I noticed correlations: All three theories of physics forbids point particles, they are: 1) Phase space does not allow them - von Neumann showed that points cannot exist definitive, as they would be smeared over space, which early literature called a Planck cell. 2) They are forbidden by singularities in relativity as well, they would have infinite curvature, this cannot be right. 3) They are finally even unphysical in classical theory. If you reduce a particles radius to zero, it has infinite energy. These are good reasons to suggest the gravitational field should vanish in these extremes instead of assuming they take on infinite values in renormalization theory. You could call it, the ''new aged geometry'' If where infinities show up and are reduced to zero somehow requires 1) a new theory in how to give boundary to the unphysical situations 2) Infinities are actually unphysical, no one has ever measured one.
  10. can you get any home tutoring?
  11. Dubbelosix

    Trump tweets

    yes, the government was the root of initial conspiracy borne situations, yet those accusations held credible truth as the freedom act came into place. The government hid the existence of the countries most advanced base testing only the most updated craft, in total secrecy... also known as area 51 and only in court they had been forced to admit its existence. There have been contaminaton leaks, there has been an overcrowding of black people vs. white people in the a jail term... I know where america is heading... just the way of the old roman empire. It will fall because of an intrinsic instability, within the next 50 years as my upper limit These black budgets, I have estimated must come to about 20 billion in total. The governmnet has admitted about a fourth of those disappearances, and guess when... a day before the 9/11 attacks RIP. The government has even had secret programs in which they have infected some of their public. To determine whether intentional, is not an issue with me. I know it was. and yet... very well said. I agree with the latter 100%
  12. Dubbelosix

    Trump tweets

    neither, the idea of supporting rangers or celtic is akin to supporting burning at the stake or beheading the blameless. About time scotland woke up to the real struggle of the victorians. but hey back then, you could get a hold of all sorts of drugs, yet today, most of them are banned. Times change, and the world of sports will never go away, but it will mature over the next 100 years or more. Trump would make an excellent football stadium, riddle me why? Alexander the great, why was he called such? In constrast, why was the first tsar of russia called the ''terrible'' Conflict the two, with their actions, and come back to me.
  13. Dubbelosix

    Trump tweets

    yes. Do you want some examples? We are the only country in the world, to be called great. Scotland, where I live, was recently considered the most tolerant place in the world for diversity. Yet I am English, yet I am british. yet I am roman, scandinavian... where do we stop? Oh and people from my region, are likely to have about 3% unknown correlations to genetic diversity, probably tribes that died out before any historical record. my region = yorkshire originally
  14. Dubbelosix

    Trump tweets

    To us mostly, because not trying to be big headed, but many nations look up to our tolerance for the expression of life, while in America, its being slowly taken away, but paradoxically, in an efficient manner. I was supposed to move to america and I WANTED to become a politician, not to gain power, but whatever power I was landed with, i was going to make use to the people. But, it doesn't seem I will get across the pond this year.
  15. Dubbelosix

    Trump tweets

    he claimed he had a ''small loan'' which was actually a million pounds. it's evidence the man has no social understanding of the struggle. He (was) the UK's (almost analogue) of David Cameron who attacked the poor in britain and was documented, to loose many lives under his recent regime through the acts of suicide... people now, into the near thousand catagory. The world is sick to the bone. My country has problems, and while the politicians appear mostly right, they are not winning their ultimate agenda... and why? It's because our country does not have a limitation in the law systems like america has and continues to be inflicted by (plus) a faulty and antiquated legal system which appears to be... flexible, despite any fundamental amendments given to the people. Either Trump needs challenged, or the government does, for allowing him to violate your constitutional rights, in such a blatant and obvious culture of lawless in utter and upmost impunity.
  16. Dubbelosix

    Trump tweets

    Well said. The only part most Trump supporters agree on which is their own, is their guns under the pillow or wherever. it's an insipid, psychological disorder of an entire nation, caused not without reason. The government has given plenty citizens to realize, they don't really care about us. We are the cattle, that bring in money, in death do us part.
  17. measuring how scattering is linked to non-commutivity is the way. Best not to answer questions you know are troll bait, act professional show no bias and skip the questions that hold no substance. This way, you defeat them, successfully. I just gave up on another site, just today, because two posters were clearly making stuff up as they went along, even though I gave precious hours out my time to entertain them .
  18. They are. Give me a situation in relativity that doesn't involve special flat cases where energy or matter does not contribute to space time background distortion? No such matrix exists. And in fact, to add for flavor, gravity is non-vanishing, no matter what location a physical object exists in. The same situation was found in the weak equivalence principle and indistinguishable situations are simply, non-trivial, if 1) the physics has associations with the ascribed model and that 2) Relativity cannot deal with curvature without matter or energy. Give me a situation it can and prove me wrong. This is lighter talk. I like this, we have/..... what is you guys call it, chillaxing?
  19. Well, it isn't. The issue is non-trivial, if you have any quantity of matter or energy, the stress energy tensor has to be non-zero. But this is purely educational and actually, is good. Mind you, you are not making things easy on yourself... ..alas, neither am I, but guess what, I am in your words, ''big enough'' to answer questions myself. The problem is, you can't... you are not coherent at all and I am struggling my friend.
  20. So have I, I rarely engage in the actual conversations unless it makes scientifiic sense. I just hope... physics stays... with us. Forever, in the fright of the modern world
  21. They are. There is no difference (again) between the effects of gravity and the presence of matter or energy. This means even for a single particle, must exert a force albeit very small. Any presence of the stress energy tensor, is non-zero when dealing with particles, it does not vanish. All forms of energy affect the vacuum.
  22. Susskind once said, that (and not a quote) physics was a part of evolution.
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