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  1. It cannot be finite. There will always be something on the other side of the wall...
  2. Matter trapped in alternate dimensions would not be seen but the gravitational effects would be felt as it is postulated that gravitrons can pass from one dimension to another. On the same front, if this dark matter that resides in hidden dimensions are repulsive in nature (magnetic or otherwise), then the dark energy may be acting on another dimension (or Universe that occupies the same 3D space as ours) and we're just being "dragged along for the ride"...
  3. My point was it is difficult to think outside the box when you're standing inside of it....
  4. I hear what you're saying but my point is that a previous detailed understanding of other models is not a prerequisite... and in fact, may detract from a new theory that is being concieved. Some authors (fiction and non-fiction alike) do not read books as they feel it will cramp their artistic freedom. Many creative works have originated from unlikely sources. It's then up to the scientists to nitt pick the theory to confirm or deny it.
  5. Studying other theory's is fine but to insist that people align themselves with a theory that you believe in prior to posting is contrary to the science doctrine. If everyone always did what you suggest we'd still be thinking the sun revolves around the earth. I for one believe that the Big Bang was not a singular event and that matter continues to flood into our universe driving inflation.
  6. Why does everyone assume the "Big Bang" was a singular event? It's my guess that the Big Bang is ongoing with matter constantly pouring in from the other membrane or whatever source of matter and energy you choose to accept. Given our space-time "volume" is porportional to the density of matter in it, it continues to expand. If the rate of expansion of the universe is accelerating, so is the rate that matter is pouring into it from the epi-center where the "big bang" occurred. Merged post follows: Consecutive posts mergedOh yeah, I should probably mention my other theory that black holes are not atom sized objects of unimaginable density but rather a porthole from our familiar 4D space time dimension into another dimension predicted by String theory. Imagine a point in our universe where space-time is pulled through a knot-hole and is turned inside out. The sack that forms fills up with the matter that is pulled into it beyond the event horizon and expands into the other dimension. Density differences between the various dimensions may determine the rate of accretion. Because this dimension occupies the same space that we do, it can't be seen, only "felt". The one thing I'm not sure about is "does the matter in the new dimension fill the other dimension(s) in the immediate area of the black hole or are there other laws of physics that permit the matter to scatter throughout the universe to maintain equilibrium?".
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