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  1. Thank you btw i am not soooooo good in english language thank you for your comment. I respect your thinking about it. Thank you so much I appreciate that you like it hahaha 70 years ago hahahaha. why time, why?? xD
  2. Hy, you probably readed holy bible and you maybe know a lot things about it. I heatd for word nefilis or something. But that word was very interesting for me. I was searching many things about it and yea I found some interesting things about it. Like for example they were fallen angels, giants similar to humans. Some are saying that we are descendants of them. And you know what I have been thinking isn't that weird '' fallen angels'' and that they fall from sky. Then I thought about aliens (people in that time didn't know a lot of things) they are from outer space and many strange things
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