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  1. "God is the Supreme Intelligence-First Cause of all things." God is eternal. If He had a beginning, He must either have sprung from nothing, or have been created by some being anterior to Himself. It Is thus mat, step by step, we arrive at the idea of infinity and eternity. God is unchangeable. If He were subject to change, the laws which rule the universe would have no stability. God is immaterial, that is to say, that His nature differs from every-thing that we call matter, or otherwise. He would not be unchangeable, for He would be subject to the transformations of matter. God is unique. If there were several Gods, there would be neither unity of plan nor unity of power in the ordaining of the universe. God is all-powerful because He is unique. If He did not possess sovereign power, there would be something more powerful, or no less powerful, than Himself. He would not have created all things and those which He had not created would be the work of another God. God is sovereignty just and good. The providential wisdom of the divine laws Is revealed as clearly In the smallest things as In the greatest and this wisdom renders it impossible to doubt either His justice or His goodness.
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