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  1. Italian thank you ! Sorry I got it but I haven't been able to reply sooner ! Thanks !
  2. Hi everyone, I just have a quick question that is blocking me with my studying, if I'm asked to know the order of readings on an ammeter in a circuit , and even more than one since there are several resistors , how an I suppose to know that? Even Smallest to largest .. :/ I really don't know how that work , but I'm aware that they are always connected in series . Thanks the attention !
  3. If I have two charges 2q and -3q , at 0 m and 5 m on the x axis respectively, where on this x axis the electric potential has zero value ? I'm trying to figure this out thinking about the fact that it can't be half of the distance between them .. so 2.5 m because otherwise they should have same charges .. but other than that I can't .. it should be 2 m..
  4. The space shuttle orbits 300 km above Earth surface , that has radius 6400 km . What is the gravitational acceleration experienced by the space shuttle ? Answer is 8.9 m/s^2 . I'm trying to equal mv ^2 / r = mMG/r^2 , where v^2/r is "a", so that I get a= mMG/r .. and I put r= 6400+300 but it isn't correct.. just a hint would be great , thank you in advance!
  5. Oh yes I got it know, and therefore the only type of blood which could never been inherited from A and AB is indeed O . Right ?
  6. Isn't A and B equal to AA and BB respectively ? AB A AA AB this is the column that I thought was the right one .. A and AB get AA and AB .. no? So for sure they won't get O ( answer E right ) but then why B (answer C)?
  7. I know that a person with A blood type will have A anitigens and anti-B antibodies, and a person with B blood type will have anti-A antibodies but B antigens . With that been said , I also know that the two parents have AA and BA, so the only blood type that should be inherit it's either A or AB , but even B shouldn't be right then.. that's what I don't get of this question .. as well as 0, which is the right answer ..
  8. Oh gotcha , Well I thought it was the number A, since Rh + is dominant and Rh- recessive, and all the other answers have the rh- .. but it's actually 0 Rh- (E) so I don't understand how it's inherited.
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