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  1. Hi, I am confused about the electric field lines which are depicted mostly on the Internet as per conventional way. What I understand that the conventional current was due to positive charges which was wrong. Actual flow of the current was due to the negative charges or electrons. When the conductor is connected with both terminal of the battery Positive ( Where the concentration of the positive charges are more) and negative (Excess of electrons or negative charge) charges the electric field is generated. Electric field itself is the influence of charge around it. Since there is net positive charge on one electrode of the battery and net negative charge on the another electrode, Electric field is generated around the electrodes. Now we have the property of the charges that similar charges repel and different charges (+ and -) attract each other. Since due to electric field influence and this property of the two different polarity charges attract the electrons started drifting from negative to the positive terminal of the battery due to force of attraction from the electric field. Correct me if I am wrong some where. Now main problem is when I see the direction of electric field on the internet it is the convention from positive to the negative. this is really confusing me because as per force influence by electrons due to the polarity causing the electrons to flow from negative to positive terminal but the direction which is mentioned is from positive to negative. How is that possible that force direction is different and the particle which moved due to that force is in different direction ?
  2. @EdEarl All these requests are data or instruction which is required to be received from the memory. It is received in the form of the bits so how does the cache identifies from bits received from the memory that it belongs to which PU. Did it add some tags with the data so that the memory controller when return back the data it adds a tag to that.
  3. Thanks strange and sensi I am actually doing self interest project of studying and making a control unit of the processor, If you could give me a reference about your information, I would be really thankful to you
  4. Hi I am studying the computer science Hardware. I have one question. I studied processor architecture and came to know that the processor sends the request of read and write commands to the memory unit if it doesn't see the data or instruction in its registers. The processor use to send these commands in bulk as these requests are buffer some where in the memory controller hub. But when the memory return back the data it simply sends the data so how does the processor knows that this data or instruction belongs to specific process or what mechanisms it will deployed to classify the information coming back from the memory or I/O. For example the processor sends the address and data to be fetched back from I/O and then again it sends the request to fetch but this time from memory. When the data returns its simply the bits so how does the processor classify that the particular information belongs to either the process deals with I/O or memory.
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