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  1. Oh and id also love to know how our brain helped us evolve from apes when our brain also evolved over time to bring us from apes to humans. Making us more capable and knowledgeable. Ive seen your other harsh and argumentative responces to other threads and id really appreciate it if you stayed off mine zapatoes thanks. Id really appreciate some other constuctive opinions even if they differ from mine thanks
  2. Would you like to explain how or why bacteria become resistant to antibiotics? My understanding is this would be a determination to survive? Or an evolution? Maybe desire is not the right word try one of the above. Rather than trying to belittle my wording id seriously appreciate your opinion on what ive said (no offence meant) but i genuinely would like knowledgeable opinion on the matter
  3. Both humans and bacteria have a desire to survive, if evloution did not have the desire to survive how have we become human from apes?? How do bacteria develop resistance? From a desire to survive.i was really hoping for some meaningful contributions to this discussion hence me searching for a scientific forum.
  4. Would it being up your nose or inside your mouth at the back of your throat not be inside you? My job allows me a tiny bit more knowledge than your standard person (not in any way an expert by any means). By being at the back of your throat it does have access to you blood supply and yet does not always invade. Why is this? Have certain people accuired immunity? Also this is my question how are some people carriers? They are immune to the effects of this bacteria and yet they pass it on to someone else by coughing or sneezing and they then die or become very unwell. This is because the carriers body has adapted and become resistant, but its able to pass it on. In my opinion antibiotics are not the way forward they are merely money makers. Bacterias adaption to survive and to develop resistance to antibiotics and us as human beings building immunity to the bacteria are the way forward for the human race (we have millions of friendly bacteria within us that im sure in the past killed people) . The very website you provided backed up this theory. Just wanted to add that age in no way comes into my theory i do not see age as a factor in evolution some people die as young children and some as old people. Evolution is how humans adapt to their enviroment including bacterial factors over hundreds of years
  5. We are all aware that over the last 60-70 years we have been able to survive once life ending infections due to the miracle that we call antibiotics. In Britain (where i am from) what this has achieved is a social care crisis. people living very long lives and needing alot of care with not enough money to pay for this care. Also a housing shortage. Are we right to prolong life before evolution would like us too?. My question is this, some bacteria that would kill one person eg a staph infection can live harmoniously on the skin of another person without concequence. We are all aware that bacteria adapt for survival. Are we preventing currently dangerous bacteria from evolving to end up living harmoniously within or on the skin of human beings by the use of antibiotics?. It seems that on certain people staph that live and thrive on our skin have found a way to exsist without killing the host? could other bacteria do this too without the interference of antibiotics? Our current health care system tests for and kills bateria found living harmlessly in the nose or mouth? is this the right thing to do? Its clear bacteria can and will evolve and adapt to survive does it really want to kill us all? Or is it searching for the right people for evolution? As human beings we have an immune system that is able to learn and become resistant to certain afflictions given time could we adapt to become immune to bacteria? Is this why certain bacteria can live within and on our bodies but not kill us and yet kill someone else? Are they not yet immune? Has the bacteria on them not yet adapted to live harmoniously?
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