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  1. Dear people, it's is no point to argue with me..i have gone to my way to enlightenment. so i followed many religion beliefs during my life time this madyama prathipathawa is only the theory of enlightenment.. So i showed you the way if you like follow up. This post re closed now, as i say feel it and you ll never say this is not true. I m sure full of sin people doesn't believe on things beyond theories of physical. This is universal Theory only for enlightened relief of soul. Good like to feel it. Still i m concern of other ways to get enlightenment.So contact me on Skype..(ppwdm
  2. i was a Christian...see my previous post i have mentioned and described about me It's hard to explain to people full of sins. That's what i told. that's why buddha didn't visit Europe those days you guys from sonaka Deshaya know
  3. Christianity is the most bad religion in world with sins. See how many animals die in Christmas Buddhism is something from all that gives true enlightenment so talk with full with sin people is unnecessary thing
  4. thx for all this post is over now.have a nice day.
  5. i m American citizen but live in SL. And i had my Degree in Germany in 1960.. I'm now 78 years old ..... science is something is physically identifiable thing...but Buddhism o's something that is beyond all physical theories of physics, chemistry and others etc...its the universal theory of truth. i mentioned above you ll never be understand it the madyama prathipathawa of Buddha.....come here and learn follow this you ll be have enlightenment it's the last thing i can tell. Useless thing to talk about this theory with people with sins
  6. hey people you re full of sins, so you ll never understand the middle way of Buddhism. it has been a Theory beyond all physical theories. so i quit this forums now. Cuz you people don't understand the meaning of middle path called madyama prathipathawa.... Buddha also told that in those days..that you people never understand it..that's why he didn't visit European counties those days. so if you understand the main Theory of Buddhism i mentioned above please add valuables quotes this is last post you ll never understand this theory..i m going to be a monk now in
  7. yes thanks for your comments. if you say this is not a scientific theory....can you please give me evidence plz i wanna do a evolution to prove that to this theory followed by many people to tell them what is the modified version of scientific knowledge of this middle path way of Buddha. soo if you have any logical droughts in that main theory please post the droughts you feel..must be corrected. thanks, DeMendiz
  8. discussions must be about middle way...madyama prathipathawa... give ideas of it true or false in your logical way And we ll make revolution
  9. middle way is main theory....read main post and give valuable post of logical ideas please
  10. theory of Buddhism is middle way called madyama prathipathawa......read the main theory in my first post and if you understand it...give logical ideas of it. as your comments it represent you can't understand the main theory....so read it carefully all people! And give logical ideas.....all your comments represent you people can't understand the middle way theory.... read carefully main post " main theory " part and add valuable ideas. thanks, DeMendiz
  11. hi everyone, thanks all for the comments. I like to give a good clear understanding on Buddhism about the main theories of Buddhism discussing them. soo i need people who know about the theory of Buddhism is that Theory is Good from all religions??? as Christians do we follow a myth??? these are the topic ideas to talk here. soo i would like to and i hope new logical thoughts about Buddhism...cux i m researching about it here.so i need all your logical ideas about theories of Buddhism true or false.....or if true do we follow a myth as Christians??? discussion ab
  12. my team was the persons who developed that article about Buddhism.
  13. Dear Senior Member strange and other seniors and all members, I expect that to create a logical discussion of the Theory of Buddhism..is true or false...with other religions... add any of logical way if you have the theory is True Or False.... I m a Prof. in University of Morotuwa , Lk.....and as usually as you are I m also a Christian. I m USA citizen...and I found that this religious beliefs is on this Asian counties. so I would like to have a forum with you. so i hope your logical thoughts about this. This Theory is important......to have great evolution of Theories of
  14. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buddhism
  15. While the Noble Eightfold Path is best-known in the west, a wide variety of practices and stages have been used and described in the Buddhist traditions. Basic practices include sila (ethics), samadhi (meditation, dhyana) and prajna (wisdom), as described in the Noble Eightfold Path. An important additional practice is a kind and compassionate attitude toward every living being and the world. Devotion is also important in some Buddhist traditions, and in the Tibetan traditions visualizations of deities and mandalas are important. The value of textual study is regarded differently in the variou
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