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  1. I believe that life is a long chain of chemical reactions. Therefore, when we die, the electrical impulses in our brains (and any other reactions occurring in our bodies) are converted into other forms of energy and are recycled back into the universe. I think death is something like a dreamless sleep. We close our eyes, everything goes black, and we simply cease to exist. I know it sounds depressing, but it's the scenario that makes the most logical sense to me. The part I am struggling with is how to come to terms with this idea of what death is. It upsets me to think about it because it makes me feel like we're living out our lives just to be forgotten. I know I will eventually lose everyone I care about to death, I just wish it wasn't such an abrupt and definite end. I don't want my theory to be the truth, but it's what I believe and I want to find a way to be okay with this. In addition to coping methods and mind sets, I would love to discuss different theories and approaches. Thanks, x
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